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Thread: Philosophy of the Ender quartet

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    I would like to discus the philosophy explored in the Ender Series. i am just now finishing up Children of the Mind and am finding the thought of aia's and philotes interesting. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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    Ugh, my memory of the novels isn't what it used to be. I have a vague recollection of it just being a bunch of technobabble equivalent to a common theistic conception of a soul.

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    I have read the series, but I too am a bit fuzzy on the details after so long. Can you give those that haven't read them a short explanation and those of us that have a refresher?
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    it has only been two years since i read the series. the idea of the aiua is that it is a basic fundamental particle. the series says that philotes are what comprises all matter and all energy. aiua are the intellegent form of philotes, and in all lifeforms one aiua controlls all of the philotes.

    also an important part of the series is that aiua can swap bodies under some circumstances, it is as simple to an aiua to trade bodies as it is for one of us to trade any object we own. to an aiua the body is just another possession.

    but they're not incredibly intellegent. when ender was taking the body of neo-peter jane had to coax him into it, she couldn't just tell him that he was in the right place, there was some wierd form of soul communication there.

    and the final part that i can remember is that there are two different realms, one is IN, that is the world we live in that experiences physical laws, there is also the realm of OUT in which the will of an aiua is law, there are unlimited philotes just waiting to pop out into existance. this means that in OUT, just by the power of will you can create whatever you like, but the lack of physical laws means that one's body will simply fall apart if it is not willfully kept together.

    that's all i can think of regarding philotes, but there are philosophical as well as moral consequences to the fact that a member of the human race commited xenocide against the first and only intellegent beings they knew of at the time. he may not have known it at the time, and they may have come back later, but the fact that he did that and that the military officers coaxed him into it has great impact on the entire series.
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