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    (I'm aware that there's another post with a subject much alike, but I felt that this needed a post of its own.)

    Why do you think people are happy, why does it exsist and what do you think is needed to become happy?

    I need some people's opinions about these questions for a social science project.

    Thank you!

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    People become happy because that's just evolutions way of making us think we achieved something or making us want to achieve something (essentially if we were never pleased we would never strive to be better or help make the world a better place which at its roots is the fundamentals of capitalism...

    You will naturally from birth not be very appeased by many things..
    As you become an individual and your mind grows you start to desire things if yu are a pampered rich girl slowly your ability to be pleased will shrink. If you are born poor and gradually rise you will restrain that happy spirit. So it sort of has the same idea that adrenaline has the more you have an adrenaline rush the more the next adrenaline rush will take (a saying in sky diving because you always will be inclined to go higher and higher) im not sure because im not a scientist but my hypothesis is that happiness is primarily adrenaline?
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