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Thread: Why is it so?

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    Hope you haven't talked this already...

    Few questions that really bothers me...

    1) When you put something to your pockets, you never
    found it there when you would need it...

    2) When you are supposed to remember few things and
    one of them are more "important" than other,
    the important thing is the one to forget (even you would
    have marked it down).

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    Well at least you remembered that you had forgot.

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    None of them is true.. it's just that you remember the incidents were this happen.
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    Well, what can we say about this??!
    Sometimes i feel the same, but i believe it's all about me (I am the one who cares about the key, or the money i've put in my pocket.... so i'm the one who wants to find it!). it's just a question of how much important is this thing for you (we lose so many things during the day and we don't even notice.... but if we forget where we put an important one, we start believing it does happen only with us....).
    it's all about the angle.

    Ps.: if you like discussing this kind of thing my friends call rubish an i call 'the most important questions' (hehehe), please add me! my instant msgr is
    thanks for everything!
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    2. i think that you forget both the important and the not important, but you only remember forgetting the important because it would cause more distress and you always remember things better when they are more important, besides when you forget everything........ this is sorta hard to explain.
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