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Thread: Do hell's suffering threating to all the people?(Transhuman)

  1. #1 Do hell's suffering threating to all the people?(Transhuman) 
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    Currently there is developing new directions
    in science and philosophy such as "transhumanism" and "mind uploading".
    One of the main purposes of those movements is to make eternal life reality.
    But there is serious philosophical question,as I believe: "Is there a drawback in eternal life?"
    I came to the following thought: the longer will
    live a person, the greater probability that in his/her life will appear some powerful enemy who will have desire and ability to cause to aforementioned person a pain,as longer and as stronger as possible.
    If this bad guy will have success,poor person
    may regret that he/she lives at all.
    Probably you will agree that all people sooner or later have some enemies in their life and sometime those enemies are stronger than they are.So how people will be able to solve
    problem of eternal suffering and eternal vengeance one to another if they will be able to
    get eternal life?High technologies have their
    dark side not only light side.

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    modify the programing

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