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Thread: What do you feel about your life?

  1. #1 What do you feel about your life? 
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    I just wanted to conduct a survey on what each of you feel about your daily life.

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    The most interesting thing about this post is the question why no one has replied to it and why no one has taken the poll. I mean aside from the fact that this seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of philosophy! It sound almost like the introduction most often used to begin an attempt at proselytizing a religious message.

    I am sure there are a variety of reasons. In my case, I feel uncomfortable with the reduction of feeling about life to such a simple linear scale. This makes it quite difficult to judge what an honest reply would be. In general I have always done exactly what I wished to do and as a result I couldn't be happier. On the other hand, I just recently became unemployed and I am not happy about that at all.

    Others might think you are fishing for people who suffer from depression. I wonder if you are trying to classify the type of people who post on the internet.

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    I'm wondering wether no one has replied because of mitchellmckain reply post rather than cos the original post is not stimulating.

    Imho I think Happyness is a BIG component of philosophy.
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