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Thread: Which Way is Progress?

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    With the election of Obama people are starting to get excited about issues such as these. So which way is progress? Obviously universal suffrage is good, but wasn't nazism and marxism a progression from the old way of thinking too. So should we have reserves about progress? And if we do, how can we have reservations while letting the good progression develop?

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    It's already accomplished. That was a tough climb! We're now in a position to review history as equals, with a common story i.e. we discovered America, we are from Kenya, etc. Give it some time to sink in.

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    Progress is a highly subjective issue. To call something progress implies that it is taking you nearer to where you want to be. Since society does not have a goal to which we have all subscribed, one person's progress is another person's change for its own sake, or even a retrograde step.

    It is also worth remembering that, to use just one example, tremendous progress has been made in the United States over the past forty years with regards the civil rights of ethnic mionorities, while many other countries made those changes a long time ago and have been bemused by American tardyness in this regard, and yet other countries will apparently never make those changes. So when you say things like, "we have reservations" your "we" has the potential to be a very small minority of interested parties.
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