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Thread: That Eureka Moment n Me

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    That Eureka Moment n Me

    I have been a self-actualizing self-learner for more than 25 years and very often I pass through that eureka moment. I suspect that I pass through such a moment at least 50 times per year. Many times it hits me when I awaken in the morning or while I am reading as I eat breakfast.

    I have a “Friends of the Library” card from a local college library. They have a great library and for a $25 yearly fee I can check out any book in that library.

    Another activity that adds to this is that I have begun to listen to audio books.

    I was watching a C-Span interview of authors recently. This particular interview was with George Will who had recently authored a book, the name of which escapes me now. However, George said something very interesting about his attachment to “reading” audio books. He said that what is often wasted intellectual time is converted into intellectually rewarding and entertaining time.

    George spoke of “reading” 50 to 60 audio books a year in the time spent driving, eating lunch, puttering in the yard, walking in the park, etc. I found his enthusiasm to be infectious and immediately joined, via the Internet, an audio book rental club. This is a club like Netflix only one rents audio books rather than movies.

    I joined this audio book club and for $25 a month I could receive unlimited books under the restriction that I could only have two books at a time and would receive new books as I return finished books.

    While waiting for the first two books I went to Wal-Mart and bought a portable CD player and a fanny pack with which to carry it. Then I went to my local city library and discovered that they had a large number of CD books.

    It was marvelous. While just puttering around the house I could listen to books that I would normally never have read.

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    Hehe, way to go cobrest!
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