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Thread: Research: Public Support for a Nuclear Powered Aeroplane

  1. #1 Research: Public Support for a Nuclear Powered Aeroplane 
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    My name is Dawson S and I'm a student from Australia. I'm currently completing a research project into the modern-day feasibility of a nuclear-powered aeroplane (as first suggested in the Cold War). I am to deliver this project in December at the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminars where I will attend the Nobel Prize ceremonies.

    I am interested in poll results from different community groups and as such I have approached this forum. Please vote above and comment below should you have any strong opinions. I only require opinions; I already have all of the scientific data I require for my project (this is one of the last sections I am to complete).

    Voting is to be done with any information you can muster, not information I provide.

    Thank-you for your help

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    i think it really depends how safe the design was.

    you would need to have about 1000 failsafes, and even then it won't be easy to convince people.

    i think the flightpaths would have to stay over the ocean as much as possible before you will get people to consider it.

    i imagine the military would find a use for it though.

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    Isnt maybe and probably pretty much the same degree of uncertanity? *confused*

    I think we would do it simply because there wouldnt be other choise.
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    I'm a flight instructor.
    You should elaborate more on it. It's extremely vague.
    On my own, I wouldn't opte for it. Way too dangerous.
    But I wouldn't mind flying that though could be fun

    NASA or Military maybe.

    The fact is even if it's possible to make it fly. It's already extremely hard to convince people flying is safe with airplanes we own since like 20-30 years and do work.

    It's all about passengers psychology on a civilian part.
    A pilot lives in a world of perfection, or not at all.

    Richard S. Drury,
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    With any forseeable technology, it is completely unrealistic.
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