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Thread: Time-difference and reality in big and small systems.

  1. #1 Time-difference and reality in big and small systems. 
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    Do time move faster, normal, or slower in an atom, than outside it?

    If either time is faster or slower, it has huge implication for us to find a theory of everything.

    If time is the same both inside an atom and outside (normal), it doesnt have an implication for us.

    How can we prove that time moves slower, normal or faster inside an atom?

    As we know, time in our world, with our sun and the earth going arround it, pluss earth spin itself, gave us time for our system. But the time we have dont apply to other suns and planets in the universe. What implication have this in understanding cosmology?

    Can there be constructed a theory, on witch time can be in an equation as an uncertain prinsiple, if time moved slower or faster in a given system?

    These are all interesting questions in my mind. And could be very interesting to have William McCormic's views on. HAHAHA..

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    [irony]Drafters of a Theory of Everything cannot be bothered with such simpleminded observations.[/irony]

    EDIT: Thermaltake, if this is the thread you pmed me about, dude, I believe you ask good questions. And I'm pointing out the paradox that Theory of Everything will likely seem laughably simple and obvious when we "get it". It'll base off such childlike truths as yours above, which seem too obvious for serious consideration.

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    As I understand, time is relative and influenced by gravitation or acceleration. So it really don't mind what the 'system' is, or its scale, to determine the time-difference between events in xyz-space. Obviously, except for the scales where the force gravity is absent.
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