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Thread: From birth to post-schooling: It’s all Spin

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    From birth to post-schooling: It’s all Spin

    The infant enters into the world that is amazing, frightening, and totally alien in form and content. The infant recognizes that Mom is the life-raft on troubled waters and that to lose Mom is the most terrible experience possible. The infant wants to respond to its natural biological urges but Mom shows the infant that some are acceptable and some are not. The infant does all it can to do those that Mom likes and not to do those that Mom does not like. Like all creatures the infant learns to adjust and adapt to its environment.

    One significant difference here is that the human creature becomes a creature of a world of symbols rather than a world of Mother Nature. The infant learns to set aside its animal urges and to accept symbolic meaning and values as the guide to ‘fitting in’.

    The infant quickly recognizes that it is an actor on a stage and that the better it adapts itself to the requirements set by the social culture the more likely it will remain safely cuddled within that environment. The infant becomes a social creature ready to play whatever role is necessary to ‘fit in’.

    The child grows into adulthood clutched in the embrace of the family and the school or college. The educational institutions educate the growing child in the knowledge that child needs to fit in. Should the child go onto ‘higher education’ then the young person grows more accomplished at becoming knowledgeable of all the symbols of a well structured life within the bosom of the social environment. By observing other creatures within that environment that youngster grows into adulthood fortified with the values that were taught by family and educational institutions.

    ]b]What happens to this adult who has been raised in this world of spin after school days are over? Almost unanimously this adult holds as sacred all the lessons learned from all the spin doctors of childhood and enters into other spin laced forms of thought.[/b]

    From birth to post-schooling we absorb reality as others present it to us. After our schooling is completed we must become learners. After schooling our time has come to prepare our self to learn and from that learning we must make judgments and consider how to make the world a little better than it was given to us.

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