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    OK.... I may have stated this before.... or not.... but I feel it necessary to discuss... Has anyone ever looked at society as merely a formation of complex matter. The complex matter being a humans' composition and the formation being society. This is why in previous posts I have stated certain things pertaining to thermodynamics... laws of attraction and repulsion... etc.

    I mainly became interested in this when 9/11 occured.. and I saw... maybe for the first time.. society in motion. It was like the terrorists were to much electricity being run through a conductor. It was almost as if the extreme acts of the terrorists where a form of lightening. Where America (perhaps its ideals) are a certain positive/negative force... and the the terrorists the opposite positive/negative force; and then BANG! a lightening strike. It seems a lot of society operates off this attraction and repulsion principle. It is almost as if you could predict the motions of civilization given enough data, and the data does not have to be as complex as the system it is computing(society)....

    Attraction and repulsion... that mixed with inequality... is what makes existence tick...

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