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Thread: A (mabey crazy) theory on perception of time

  1. #1 A (mabey crazy) theory on perception of time 
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    Okay ive tried a couple drugs like acid once and a few other drugs. When your on these drugs, your perception of time is slowed down. and with other drugs it's sped up. Now this is what happens when your brain reacts to certain drugs.

    now what if that means, our brain controls our perception of time. if anyone here has ever been in a fight, or had an big accident or fell off a bike. sometimes, time just slows directly down.. like impossibly slow, if time was like that an hour would feel like weeks. that means time is merely a perception. Now our brain is amazingly advanced. what if time was constantly fluxuating, moving back in time forth. constantly moving minutes, weeks even months back in time. or going forward a month, then back 2 weeks.

    going really fast, then slowing down, then going fast backwards.. then slowing forwards. what if our brain took EVERYTHING in constantly, and layed it out for you in a way you could understand a line, a single line and turned all this backwards forwards movement time does and puts it into a straight line and does this seperately from the rest of the brain which controls memory and is completely subconcious and unconnected with memory or anything like that.

    mabey certain drugs can slow down time, because it messes with the brains time speed function. mabey the back and forth through time may not be true, but what if the speed was. and the brain leveled out the speed so it was always normal. that would explain how a drug can so widely change our speed because it ruins the brains ability to do it properly and it slows it down. or even things like slowing it down for a accident.

    what if we could learn how to slow it down permanently or speed it up permanently?

    and if this is all true, then time could just be a constantly changing and moving thing and our brain just an amazing interpretation that takes it all in and puts it out in the proper order for us too see.

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    I think time appears to slow down when you are in turmoil is because of the massively heightened amount of certain types of hormones in certain sections of the brain.

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