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    Defination of Messiah : "The Chosen (One)" ''King of kings'' ''Thee deliverer'' , ''The absolute''...

    Who can speak about this in reference to themselves in the highest ammount of truth known to you?

    From what i have learnt most male beings on some level have or do believe they are the 'one' or will be the 'one'.

    I shall give an example of why i think this..

    The other day i was in the pub with a friend, quite drunk, talking deeply about the insecurities of man and how often even the seemingly very confident and self assured men are suffering from insecurities within themselves and the means they go about to shift those insecurities upon other men...

    He is one of these men (to a certain extent)..

    I am very quite and dont say anything unless i feel i have to or am intoxicated with some form of substance.

    I cannot remember how the subject of the next man to realise the truth and set all other beings free came about. But i noticed that it was quite obviouse for a moment i found myself thinking 'is it me?'.. I wanted to hide this thought so i shifted it unto him and told him kindly that it was him. He looked at me with wide eyes of doubt and shifted it back upon me in a serious way trying to shift the seriousness of how he took my complement of him. So now i was being called the next messiah.

    How rediculous.

    Because we actually both have no idea what we would have to undertake to become such a thing. So why did we both think that we were it on some level??

    Are we all the next 'one'?

    Or will there be one man who figures it?

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