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Thread: Montgomery, design of experiment, fractional factorial

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    At my school, all the engineers talk about a guy called "Montgomery" who literally wrote the book on a field called "Design of Experiment."

    It's pretty interesting as statistics goes, but I wonder if most scientists study different forms of stats.

    "Design of Experiment" is supposed to be good for applied science because one can compare a lot of different materials with a "fractional factorial experiment."

    I.e. if it costs a lot of money to run each experiment, one can run a small number of experiments and get a lot of usable data, by using Montgomery's special math.

    I'm wondering whether other experimentalists use a seriously different kind of stats to design their experiments.

    Also, I know a lot of folks use Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). I was wondering if Montgomery popularized it, or if not, who did?

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