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    Hi everyone we have to design and carry out an experiment on

    do fish attack groups of daphnia or just individuals ?

    we are provided with 5 fish , 5 tanks, tank dividers, boiling tubes, a sieve, pipettes and stop watchers.

    IF it was you how would you do this what would be the best way to set and carry this out experiment out any ideas welcome .

    Thank you.

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    If you compare the temperature of the fish loads of times, you will see the difference of their heat per time, if you also have a beeper on each fish (water resistant) the experiment would get really simple; if they release more heat on smaller areas, then it is obvious.

    If you had a fed fish first, you would see time between heat radiation and feeding.

    Alternatively, measure the surface level, since eaten daphnia and non-eaten should have different density. Though that would be pretty advanced, given the variations.

    Instead, look at the snapping waves and position of the fish, that should also do the trick.

    If the daphnia got radioactive, a map of the daphnia could be produced, might be the simplest way.

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