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Thread: what can a career in mathematics really achieve?

  1. #1 what can a career in mathematics really achieve? 
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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    Possessed with all the talents of mathematical wizardry, are we logging, do you want to be a logger, can you see the forest for the trees?

    Do you want to just apply your mathematical skills to earn enough money to then buy the right girl?

    Does mathematics INSPIRE INTEGRITY?

    Does one choose to study mathematics because it is a virtuous thing to do?

    What puzzle is one trying to solve that will help the planet?

    Does virtue exist in buying the right girl?

    Are we just servicemen in a machine to basically ultimately serve our basic desires........when deciding to pursue a course in mathematics?

    I only ask these questions because I want to make you all cut to the real mathematical chase.

    Well, OK, no, I think that there does exist a way we can actually call ourselves mathematicians while being a part of some "greater cause" beyond our own pot of desires. Mathematics is a tool for instance EMPLOYED by physics, and those guys want to harness the power of the atom......presumeably to help the planet's energy crisis.

    In a way, as society defines, as mundane and laborious as mathematics appears to be, it is actually a tool for being ethical.......ultimately..........well, to SURVIVE according to our grander designs of a grander future.

    So, in choosing a life in mathematics, why not accept the greater theme, one that offers the greatest reward?

    Of course we can be blog and spam artisist, virus designers, and that can be fun...........BUT, mathematics is a way we sharpen our minds, and presumably develop our minds, for the species, not a way to aim for petty avenues of simple desire. Otherwise, we are telling ourselves that those who don't bother listening in class, math class, are our leaders of the future.

    Why be ILLOGICAL as a mathematician?

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