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Thread: 0_1: binary code: could we also be similarly programmed

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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    Could it be possible that our perception is actually similarly wired, well, operates by a 0_1 code as our very creations of information and intelligence are?

    After many years of studying Medicine, well, it seemed like an eternity, I think i have cracked a code of perception, of human perception, that suggests, and only "suggests", that we also operate by a 0_1 mathematical algorithm of perception.

    I am wondering now, obviously after knowing what i am talking about, wondering about the potential for "ghosts in the machine".

    Would it be implausible basically as a computer community, would it be implausible to be convinced that if a theory states we are 0_1 operational as humans, that technically ghosts can exist "in our 0_1 machines"?

    Well, of course we have to prove the existence of the after-life..............

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