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Thread: what really is zero if zero is a number

  1. #1 what really is zero if zero is a number 
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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    Now try what "0" might be.

    Is zero really a number?

    It represents "nothing", by definition, and so how can it BE a number?

    I believe "0" actually exists as a number by default, by default of what "1" might represent in space-time.

    Think about it. We use numbers to explain space-time. What if a number represented an algorithm of space-time, a concept of space-time, like "1" represents two points joined by a line. What then if "0" represented the actual "aim" of those two points trying to join with one another, a bent "1"?

    I know that sounds really childish, would sound really childish, but if "1" represented a space-time algorithm of two points seperated by a line, and then that line tried to cancel itself out by having the two points join, you would no longer have a "1", the "1" would be erased, you would have "nothing", a zero, a "0".

    Is it then plausible to suggest that if numbers are used to define space-time that there could exist a 0_1 algorithm that explains space-time?

    .........your honor, i forward a motion that a new theory of mathematics may be on the horizon, one that cuts to the chase of how numbers can symbolize processes of space-time. That theory may in fact be as close as a website care of a 5 MB download.

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