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Thread: NASA and others would begin to make the life eternal and make the death painless

  1. #1 NASA and others would begin to make the life eternal and make the death painless 
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    Last day, the former advisor to the U.S. President (from Iran) sent a message to several governmental labs (including NASA, the Brain Research Initiative of NIH, and LANL) and asked them for advanced research on pain circuits and brain stimulation for Near-death-experience. If the advanced research experiments begin, it not only would get leaded to a painless death for elderly people who suffer of intolerable pain, but also it would mix the dying process with pleasure and positive feelings. They are also working on human cloning and mind uploading. These three independent technologies (and also the cryogenic technologies) would lead to eternity of life until 2040.
    Read the original research proposal below:

    Direct download (PDF):

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