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Thread: NEW COMMUNICATION For all. From Finland.

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    In 2018, Finland are 1st place, with most happy and satisfied people on the Earth.

    But, why?

    When I came from a small country to Finland, I was surprised. Wow, why are all such kind, good and sympathetic people here? There is absolutely no negative in them. Adults communicate with children very well and pleasantly. There are no aggressive people on the streets. Women themselves can get acquainted and talk.

    Do not compare with my country where a lot of aggressive people. A lot of emotional people ready to pour you dirt for some trifle. A lot of people climbing into a personal comfort zone and instructing you how to live and what to do in life, how to dress, how to look appropriate.

    And I began to wonder if it is possible to do it in Finland, absolutely in any country? Can!

    People will live better, more comfortable, safer and more pleasant.
    In order to adopt the Finnish experience of life, it is necessary to teach everything that is taught in schools in Finland and what their society is talking about, on what they are leveled.

    Fins say, we do not live separately - We build the country all together.

    Our people is a member of society, he is explained and socialized, he knows how this society works and what to do to be a normal citizen of this society.

    But, let's see. What are they taught in Finnish schools:

    - Do not touch people.
    You do not hurt people, do not joke roughly, do not pull them, do not impose your opinion (is it to
    to correct a new course of development of mankind) do not be rude and do not be rude. Do not priderzhtes to his personality, to his
    style of clothes, hairstyle, shoes.

    - Do not do anything that will bring them a bad mood
    Well, then everything is clear. It remains to develop a calibration, ie .. observance in details in behavior
    of people. In order to feel right away what you are doing and what is wrong, according to the smallest details of a person.
    To not be sick with you.
    That you were not bored ..
    That you were not Difficult, ... or tense
    With you should be easy and smooth, without straining, without zadirok and stuff.

    - Do not disturb the personal comfort zone, if they do not want to be disturbed
    If the child sits 6 hours in the computer, let it sit. This should not involve you at all. Do not be angry for the fact that he is sitting too long, and that he spends his days at the computer. Take it absolutely right.

    If a person sleeps, then let him sleep. So that not as in Soviet families they say "Already
    11 am, let's get up, get up. Come on. Well, get up already, you're sleeping so long. Get up to her. "
    Nothing of the kind ... let him sleep so much until he wakes up and does not find it necessary

    - Do not impose your point of view, if a person does not want to take it - this is his choice

    Then I think everything is simple next

    - Do not impose yourself on other people ..

    Well, here, too, should be clear. If you are not interested in a person, do not go with him, do not write or call him. Not
    be impelled and do not run after a man. Do not pursue a man. In general, in ordinary communication, the buddies are simple,
    sociable, positive and sociable. So that with you it was easy and good ..

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    - Learn to say what you want (better understand your real needs)
    Ohh .. get ready .. it's hard .. there will be a lot of information to think about ...

    And so, before us the Maslow table ..
    We look, we study and analyze. And put ticks where you have in life and where not.
    Normal sleep
    Sex ..

    A sense of security in your country or in your family. Do you feel protected?
    Confidence? Do you have confidence in yourself and yourself? By the way, if it's not there, it's possible because of your Environment that you can chafe and do not believe in your achievements.

    Comfort (is it comfortable for you at home and uvlas in the country, on the street, in the store, everywhere?) A good thing to analyze is not it? They say Russian guys when they go out into the street they frown. They do not like the situation around, everything is like would be enemies and not well-wishers, it is difficult for them, and they are not gloomy and do not smile.

    Communication, attention, care, support? In a normal society, this should be and this should suffice ...
    Need, importance, recognition, self-esteem .. This is how we usually get from their halves, I'll say
    more, it's not even needed in a supportive society. It's enough that nobody touches you and does not
    gnobit. Do not attempt on your personal space, and then attention and care is not particularly needed, because you
    start to feel quite normal and yourself. NOU .. this does not spread at all
    people, even in Scandinavia there are not a few people who just need this care and attention otherwise they
    wither. So this is also normal.

    Creativity consciousness, knowledge, love, harmony, beauty and so on .. we finish on this whole point go to. other tips ...

    - Making communication between people is easy

    - Develop responsiveness in people. Easy casual communication even on the street

    - To teach people to satisfy each other's needs, if this does not seriously hamper their comfort.

    Just listen. If a person says that you are pressing him, stop behaving so much because of what he feels this pressure.

    If you are told what they want you to do more often hugging your soul mate .. just do it more often, do not fight and do not ignore, learn to listen and to be responsive to the demands of different people.

    If you do not get something or you fall out of the comfort zone, just explain to the person that you do not conveniently, not habitually, or you do not cushion and do not like. Let's hope you will understand ..

    Learn to communicate …

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    - A man and a woman are respected by each other. They do not swear, and do not arrange a war of the sexes. In the relationship, mutual respect and consideration of needs and opinions of each other.

    I think everything is clear here

    - Women are taught to be normal, adequate and wealthy.
    They do not fence for them because they themselves can earn money. And in the family and in relationships there is an equal contribution in relations both in money and in other criteria.

    Woman must be responsible and adequate as well as man.

    - Absence of temptations to Rosca. Luxury is not perceived by people as a charm and desire to buy, to all

    Enough small or medium but effective. Just to properly cover the basic needs. AT
    security, zhele, internal harmony, transport goes to work, communicate and use the Internet and
    phone. Well, something like that in this spirit

    - Children are respected. They are not spoken with high, try not to press, do not shout, and do not beat.
    Do not pressure on trifles. Try to develop cause-effect relationships, and the adequacy of children, so that if the child something broke it, he realized that he had broken an expensive thing without whipping and screaming.

    You ask, but how to develop children and generally influence them?
    Mimicry. Reactions.

    - Teachers in schools learn to work with children and identify signs of poor or improper upbringing of children for example, who go through rudeness, coercion, lack of love from parents, ignoring needs of the child, which makes the child embittered, unsocial or spoiled, clamped, inadequate. Self-isolated and more...

    All people must feel simple and perfect in the country.

    - The Finns say "we do not steal." If somewhere the theft occurred and someone in someone else's foreclosure is almost always "Visitors".

    It's just propaganda but it's work.
    Just enaugh to say always and everywhere “we are do not steal” and they will not do it. Simple

    - Calm rhythm of life. We can rejoice. But do not go crazy

    - Woman must be normal member of society. Independent and develop.
    The society should not teach the woman to lie about cunning and manipulating, and call it feminine mystery. Society should nurture normal, independent women who will fend for themselves, and also communicate normally with men without any problems

    BUT, now we'll see how they live in bad countries:
    - People's opinion is not respected
    - They often laugh at each other and pin up
    - People touch each other
    - People live in a negative. Teach and teach each other to live (and often these tips are false and wrong) -
    Eat regularly on each other's personal space.
    "They teach women to lie and cheat." Call it feminine mystery
    - Problems in communication between men and women. War, conflicts and neponyatki each other.
    - People do not know what they want, and do not know how to say what they want. And if they say, others do not satisfy them.
    - Selective respect. Some are respected, others are despised.
    - Heavy communication, difficult characters
    - Feeling of pressure in society.

    • Children beat, do not respect, communicate with high. Constantly caring at small things.

    Director, Manager. COMMUNICATION
    Communication of business owners to their subordinates is often tragic.
    This is communication from the top to the bottom ...
    This is a constant and not respect and reproaches
    let's work faster faster

    DO NOT DO THIS. Make good atmosphere for everybody.
    People must feel simple and free on your job.
    Speak with they normaly, like with normal people. not like leader with subordinate.

    No negative in your communication.
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    See my comments (with regard to content) on your other post.
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