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    I've paid very close attention to detail of the planets primary factors and watch how adaptation of plants and other species interact.

    Next Major Evolution will not happen in humanity existing time frame.The genome traits I've notice are in largely due to a constructive breakdown of coding.

    This consent formula is due to chemically induce D.N.A structural flaws. In humanoids are catastrophic. Bone density loss,Spinal Deterioration,Mental Psychosis's and speed of technological advances.

    My thoughts are Evolution depends on rapid reproduction of pure D.N.A sequences.Heres my massive formula for Genetic Evolution Status: POP.\Soc*B.R\D.R(3S*2MC*368/68 L.E)Lbs Digested(C.I.R*HT*Wt) Ill paste the further formula and variables. 67.88888 ℅ Earth will not sustain resources needed for positive humanoid evolution to contradict earths depletion of resource.

    This factors in soil composition and methods used per culture and locations,humidity,air density, seasonal jet streams and migration of certain types of species.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastema View Post
    Ill paste the further formula and variables.
    Before you do I suggest that you explain the terms used in the one you've just posted and show that it is, in fact, correct.
    Moved to Personal Theories.

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    So far looks like word salad. Although I'm hoping Op will come back and answer the Ducks post, because I want to know what the hell he means by humanoids.
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