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Thread: A brief summary of human history

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    The story before the story

    The earliest fossils of hominids date from, more or less, 4 million years. These hominids spread across the globe. With the genetic variation and influence of environment various species appeared. Which explains the Neanderthal man, that is human like us, our cousin in evolution. Some groups isolated themselves like what happened in Australia.
    These hominids were to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania where Lemuria existed that was flooded by the Oceans, and to Atlantis that remained, according to Plato, after the Strait of Gibraltar.
    After homo sapiens, more or less there are 20,000 years, appeared on Earth the white races (Arians), Egyptian race, Jewish race and the Indian race. Here begins some civilizations before known civilizations.
    The world was inhabited by wild tribes descended from hominids. These races wrote the story that culminated with civilizations of 5,000 years ago. The first place in the world that had a society divided into castes, with functions and laws was the present India, more or less there are 15,000 years. Even religion and materialism, because of the ancient Mahatmas, arose in India.
    The Aryans began to migrate from India to: 1. Atlantis, via Suez waterway, Egypt and North Africa, and 2. Iran, going to Europe (more or less there are 10,000 years). The entire Mediterranean region was influenced by the Aryans: Sumerians, Persians, Carthaginians and Europe in general.
    Before the history of known civilizations (ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Phoenicians, etc.), there was a principle that culminated with these civilizations. The story before the story.

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    Thing is, there was never a continent/place called Lemuria, and Altantis is pretty much agreed to have been based on the island of Santorini and the eruption of the volcano Thera

    Also there is no "after Homo sapiens" all of the "races" are the same exact species with minor phenotypical differences. Aryan is NOT one of them, the term is Caucasian. We are not descended from homonids, we ARE homonids.

    Religion did not begin in India, as evidenced by the strong faiths of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, who had NO connection to India.

    What is your source for any of your assertions?

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    Moved to Personal Theories.

    Please note (Vognok):
    1) this is a science forum: unsupported assertions don't cut it. Provide evidence.
    2) You appear to be simply blogging. Is there some point to your claims?
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