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Thread: t-rex's tiny arms

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    I believe that t-rex didn't have arms at all. instead they are vestigial wings. arms are a big advantage for animals for two reasons. first, they help with survival. and second, when competing with other males for a mate, arms will beat no arms every time. so they are just too important to give up. and please don't tell me that t-rex lost his arms to help his balance. if t-rex evolved with arms, his body would have evolved differently to accommodate the limbs. his center of gravity would have shifted accordingly. human beings have no problem balancing with arms. velociraptors had no problem either. and t-rex would have been just fine with arms as well. the only reason why an animal would lose his arms is if they first evolved into wings to accommodate flying, and then at some point, the animal reverted back to a ground base animal. then the wings would no longer serve any purpose, and shrink. I could see t-rex's ancestors being large scavenger birds, like vultures. when these birds fight over a carcass, the larger birds win. so the birds grew larger and larger. at some point, they became too big to fly. and if they are successful at surviving without being able to fly, then they would be allowed to grow as large as their food supply would let them. and that is what I believe happened.

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    This is a science forum. What you believe isn't sufficient argument.
    Is there any evidence at all to support your belief?

    Moved to Personal Theories.

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    a lost opportunity to post as Anne Elk.
    Sometimes it is better not knowing than having an answer that may be wrong.
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