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Thread: An alternative to the "big bang", “black hole”, “ideal gas”

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    An alternative to the "big bang", “black hole”, “ideal gas”
    In the 1973 the Universe was in the condition T=2,7K. ( Nobel pr
    ize )
    Today in the 2014 this condition is a little less than T=2,7K
    and " tomorrow" this condition will be T=0K.

    Therefore I will say:
    It was, is, it will be forever an infinite, eternal, absolute reference frame T=0K.
    On this infinite scene there are located gravity systems
    on which human tries to understand the reality.
    In the T=0K exists some kind of "virtual" negative imaginary particles.
    These imaginary quantum particles are as real particles as positive Newtonian ones.
    Kirchhoff's black body - light go in and don't come back.
    Black holes - light go in and don't come back.
    Zero Vacuum -
    light go in and don't come back.
    Black - holes have temperature about absolute zero
    (60 nanokelvin - 60 billionths of a kelvin).
    " Ideal Gas" has temperature T=0K.
    The Cosmos as whole has temperature T=0K.
    My conclusion.
    Kirchhoff's black body, black holes , "ideal gas" are models of zero vacuum.
    All laws of an "ideal gas" and "quantum theory" can be used
    to explain the
    initial / primary conditions of the Existance.
    It seems that in the future heat death of the universe can come.
    (according to the logic of big bang )
    But thanks to Planck's and Hawking radiations

    ( vacuum fluctuation, tunneling barrier )
    the Universe can escape heat death.
    All the best
    Israel Sadovnik Socratus

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