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    Imagine that three American astronauts land on a distant planet while on an advanced space exploration flight and discover a society of unusual intelligent beings that invite them to analyze their lifestyle and habits.

    Imagine further that these three daring American astronauts discover that this alien species ritually selects a handful of male representatives of their species for public sacrifice. The males are gathered in the center of their 'city' and a chosen butcher castrates their genitals as a statement of male repentance.

    We already know of actual human groups on Earth that practice genital mutilation as a rite of passage for chosen sacrificial 'priests.' We also know that modern consumerism-based human civilization offers scientists and doctors ready to prepare artificial insemination procedures for wives of men who are unable to bear children naturally. So there is nothing altogether odd about the idea of fertility manipulation in our universe.

    If I log onto my Facebook page, I will notice that just about anyone from around the world can look up my photo and profile and see what I've chosen to put on the public electronic bulletin board for a form of modern age lifestyle espionage colloquialization (i.e., the era of media). It's no wonder that there is no longer any aspect of our private lives that is not open for discussion, debate, or even manipulation.

    Such ideas reveal the life translation value of human civilization social art totems such as the consumption-suggestive Hollywood (USA) movie "Mystic Pizza" (1988).

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    If you don't want people to see your picture on facebook, don't put it there. I don't get the space alien connection. What are you on about?

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    I put very limited amounts of data about myself anywhere online and everyone should do the same. That way there's little data that can infiltrate the databases of any organization for any reason.
    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
    Jimi Hendrix
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    The OP is a dumbass whose posts always reference silly films. Trash it.
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