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    The relativistic rolling wheel 2 dimensional solution as shown in the following thread in the sub Physics Forum. Relativistic Rolling Wheel II - Page 3, relates to a camera on the road that coincides with point 1 of the wheel at the point of observation.

    What happens when we view the photon paths generated from a stationary spinning wheel (i.e. galaxy angled at 45 degrees) from an observation point that is one complete rotation away from the rotating sources?

    If photons were emitted from 2 sources rotating around a stationary center of mass, the sources continued to rotate and emit during one complete rotation and the photons were not blocked or distorted there would exist in real time 2 sets of apparent spiral light paths stretching from source to observer.

    These apparent spiral photon paths actually represent cycloid arcs traced on the surface of a cylinder with one end the diameter of the observers lens and the other the diameter of rotation of the sources.

    The distance from 1,0 to 1,4 and 3,0 to 3,4 both equal 2 * Pi * R * c/v over one complete rotation and all emitted photons travel straight from source to observer at c.

    The difference between the relativistic rolling wheel 2 dimensional solution and this basic model is 2 * Pi as the observer or camera is not on the circumference of the wheel but at a point that is relatively stationary with the center of mass at the point of observation.

    If anybody has any good reasons why these apparent spiral light paths don't exist now at t0 in a discrete Euclidean space then would they care to post their own conceptions. As nobody has responded or have given any reason in other threads why these apparent spiral should not exist in real time there is likely to be a 2 * Pi discrepancy between any relativistic solution for galactic rotating sources (i.e. R used not 2 * Pi * R).

    This discrepancy/omission will become more evident as the ratio of (Dark Matter + Visible Matter)/Visible Matter converges on 2 * Pi when more accurate measurements become available. The latest Planck data shows that this ratio is currently 2*Pi +/- 3% (down from +/- 5% previously).

    Note: If you are competing in the "who has more hubris than what 'Sheldon Cooper' displays in 24 hours of back to back 'The Big Bang theory'" competition then please troll elsewhere!

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