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Thread: Beyond MacroEconomics

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    Inter-Stellar Economics

    Can we understand inter-stellar economics? What would be the commodities?

    Tic Toc
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    Interesting idea :wink:

    As concerned to trade: you'll have a whole lot of untradable commodities. Whenever possible, it would be beneficial to make things locally instead of importing them. The list of scarce goods would change as well, including oxigen, water and maybe even daylight. Because these products, including food, are so difficult to produce you'd end up with big monopolies.

    I wonder how they solve these issues in sci-fi books.

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    Inter-Stellar Economics
    Yes, a most intriguing business and economics scenario to ponder. What would be the
    commodities? Economists work on projections based on known factors. Commodities
    of interstellar or intergalactic proportions is a "reach" for our comprehension levels that is
    for sure. Yet with what we now know about our own solar system and surrounding
    galaxy we should be able to start to comprehend some of these ideas of what interstellar
    economics may be.

    "Whenever possible, it would be beneficial to make things locally instead of importing
    them." as Pendragon surmised.

    I would have to agree also.
    Most "raw" materials and elements seem to be available in our solar system. Whether or
    not this will prove true for most solar systems we are just now starting to learn. Let alone
    the possible vast differences of star systems with in our own galaxy and their availability
    of raw elements and materials.

    It could well be that to travel between the stars and between the galaxies the ships would
    have to be huge to afford such excursions. That way they could have onboard raw
    material harvesting and manufacturing capabilities.
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