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Thread: Does lack of Mass Create Time ???

  1. #1 Does lack of Mass Create Time ??? 
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    I joined the forum because I wanted some feedback on the following ideas:


    The Universe came out of a singularity of extremely dense mass.
    Time would appear to come to a halt as you enter a black hole to a distant observer.
    Large masses like stars slow down time.
    Smaller masses like planets slow down time to some extent too.
    Gravity of large masses can be felt over great distances.


    It seems that the less mass you have, the faster time flows. It is my idea that in the absence of mass, there would be no time. All time would be simultaneous. This would allow for parallel universes because everything is happening at once in the same instant, thus allowing for all possibilities to occur. When the universe consisted of only Energy, all Time was Simultaneous. When some Energy transformed into Mass, the gravitational distortion stretched out the existing instantaneous Time into time as we know it.

    - When you introduce a large mass with gravity, time is created. The larger the mass, the slower time runs (near black holes). Stars have less gravity then black holes so time runs faster. Planets have even less mass, so time runs faster yet.
    -It is my thought that if you could go location between stars (void of mass) time would run considerably faster.
    -If you could go to a location between two galaxies, there would be almost no influence of gravity, perhaps you can get close to a state of NO TIME or where All Time is Simultaneous.
    -If Time "appears" to slows down to almost a stop near the extreme mass of a black hole due to its mass... it is logical that the exact opposite would happen in an area of space that is void of the influence of mass.

    Perhaps this can explain why the Universe seems to be expanding at an increasing rate. I propose that when we see the galaxies moving away from each other at an increasing rate... we are not considering the effect of zero mass between the galaxies and how that may be speeding up time.

    If there is no Time between galaxies due to no Mass.... then perhaps there is really no Space either. Perhaps distant galaxies as not as far as they appear to be... The apparent distance only appears to exist because of the influence of gravity within the galaxies.

    It is also my opinion that the concept that the Universe is expanding at a faster rate due to "Undetectable Dark Mater" sounds too much like the Theory of Ether.

    Thank You for considering my ideas.

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    Hello there, tsafa, and welcome to the forum. I'm sure there are posters here who would engage you in this topic, though probably best if you posted it in one of the science sub-forums.
    I don't think you are supposed to post links to any commercial websites although I believe there is an exception to post a link to a personal webpage on your profile page. Catch you around the sub-forums.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What's with all the <br>'s? You might want to check your editing options in the settings. Also, there is an alternate theories sub-forum that might be a good place for the questions you are asking.
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    MODERATOR NOTE : Moved to "New Hypothesis".
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    Aloha and welcome....
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    Thanks for the welcome. I was having some posting issues yesterday. I don't know why my posts where posting with HTML code.

    I cleaned up the post a bit.

    Mod. Can you change the title to: Does lack of Mass Create Time ????

    Thanks for your patience while I figure out how to get my browse to work better with this forum.

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