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Thread: something about human organs

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    if my hands are broken/cut in an accident i can use my feet and perform day to day activities with some difficulty. and vice versa. hands and feet are replaceble.
    (there are many examples of this , just search on net)

    what about other organs? can they replace each other? like , heart if stopped due to heart attack the brain takes charge.
    my point is that "our organs are developed from one single cell so they have similiarities and can replace one another." it is natural inhernt back up.

    am i right?
    (this seemd to me to be utter nonsense, but i forced myelf to share it here. i am sorry)

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    The brain cannot pump. In fact, the only organ capable of pumping blood is the heart- much less at the rate the body needs to get oxygen and nutrients where they need to go in a timely manner...

    And no organ can do the functions of the brain except for the brain...

    Some things can be "replaced" if basic... but the more complex a specialized object is, the less likely it can be replaced by another object of less complexity.

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    Adapting the use of one's feet for loss of hands can occur due to similar construction and our ability to consciously control them.

    The skeletal muscles assist slightly in circulating the blood; however, the heart is a specialized organ in a specialized location whose function is difficult to duplicate using other organs.

    You might enjoy reading about cell determination.
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    There seems to be a lot of specilization on what can be used for what.
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    Some organs, like the kidneys can replace each other, but only because they are duplicates. An organ like the brain cannot replace the heart as the heart was developed specifically for its task but the brain for a completely different task altogether.

    You can replace organs with prosthetic artificial machines that do the task for you, but they do not last quite as long or do quite as good a job as a healthy real organ.

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