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Thread: Neurology: What is the threshold for a brain smaller than the normal type?

  1. #1 Neurology: What is the threshold for a brain smaller than the normal type? 
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    It's been a while but it's good to be back

    Anyways, i recently have been studying neurology and have come across alot of things that are very interesting. First off i found out that a normal brain size is capable of sending electro-chemical signals harmoniously in the range of - 60 mV to -80 mV and the threshold of limit it can handle is -50 mV. Within this range the neurotransmitters all work as normal (i think there is 3 sodium for every 2 potassium that flows through as 2 of the chemicals that work harmoniously). But if the voltage were to go beyond the threshold, it is said that more channels would open rapidly sending an influx of neurotransmitters into the Cell Body (Soma), causing alot of chaos.

    Now that's only with a normal brain. What i want to know is what is the threshold for a brain smaller than that? It can accept signals in the range of -60 to -80 mV also but only smaller in size. I know that it would have less neurons so it would either be lower than -50 to -80 mv or higher.

    Any help please?


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