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    Hello all, I am just curious by what is meant by the "infinite" if the universe is finite, I know that the infinite has no beginning or end, so from that observation I can conclude the universe is finite only to be surrounded by an infinite void of space, but as Carl Sagan wrote in Contact- "It would be an awful waste of space" not only that but would as -I like to call it- be "unicentric" much like a geocentric outlook on existence. So another question I have, is there anything which states infinite universes exist? Again these are merely questions and I do not have an authoritative stance on this.

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    We don't know if the universe is finite or infinite. But, if it is finite, it is probably not embedded in some larger empty space. After all, if it were, then that empty space would be part of the universe.

    If the universe is finite, then the idea is that it is all that there is. There is no edge and so nothing outside of it.

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