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    Future and Time / hypothesis /
    If you travel with a speed less - less than constant speed
    of quantum of light ( c < 1 ) then you have your present future
    ( sooner or later the death willcome ).
    The classical deterministic principle works in this situation.
    If you travel quickly enough (with constant speed
    of quantum of light c = 1) then the time doesn't 'exist for you
    and you don't know your future.
    If you travel quickly enough(with speed faster than quantum of light c > 1)
    then sooner or later a new timeand future will come to you.
    Heisenberg Uncertainty principle need to use here.
    Of course, a person cannottravel with such speed,
    but a quantum particle has thispossibility.
    For example:
    When speed of the photon is c=1then time exists as an infinite time
    (an eternity) as for photon as also for itsreference frame.
    But photon can destroy this eternity and create a time -phenomena .
    We call such time - phenomena /effect: 'vacuum fluctuation'.

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