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    I know that dark energy expand space and accelerate space with the time.
    that's mean space At this moment is larger and faster than before.
    Albert Eisenstein say that space and time cannot be separated they are relative.
    My question is if it is so I can say space it is a "work" "force" connected to every thing?
    way? because every thing have time and space is relative with time, dark energy it is the force can create space.
    when i put dark energy and time together it create space, when time passes with the dark energy
    space getting bigger and bigger than before.
    so i can write: [D-energy x Time = space]?
    the equation say time and energy and space is the same. space can be energy such as energy can be space,
    more space going bigger, matter and energy "Disappearing" , space start to be smaller i got more energy and matter.
    energy = space?
    what i want to say about it, if space it is a work create energy positive and negative,
    its is possible that a start have gravity because space?Space presses in a certain place is what causes gravity as we are approaching a star we are affected by pressure of working space on the planet and actually we fall into the star, That is why the force of gravity and mass curve space and time.

    I am sorry for my bad English..

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