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Thread: Tyler Winkler's Expanding Universe Theory / Big Bang Theory

  1. #1 Tyler Winkler's Expanding Universe Theory / Big Bang Theory 
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    This is my theory at how the universe expands.

    The smallest particle of matter is energy. I believe it is energy because energy can not be destroyed, it can only be changed in form when energy is grouped large enough together to create the neutrino, then grouped large enough to create quarks and so on.

    So when matter is floating in space and touches anti-matter, the two do something to create energy. Which then in turn expands the universe.

    Big Bang Theory: Big ol chunk of matter and anti-matter touched.

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    Hello Tyler. Welcome to the forum.

    It's good to be imaginative - imagination is a key component of good science. But it's also important to have a solid understanding of current theories before one starts messing with them. So, what evidence do you have for your idea?

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    Tyler: that reminds me of Least-time paths of light by Arto Annila. I don't think it's quite right myself, but see the bit I've bolded:

    The variational principle in its original form la Maupertuis is used to delineate paths of light through varying energy densities and to associate shifts in frequency and changes in momentum. The gravitational bending and Doppler shift are in this way found as mere manifestations of least-time energy dispersal. In particular, the general principle of least action due to Maupertuis accounts for the brightness of Type 1a supernovae versus redshift without introducing extraneous parameters or invoking conjectures such as dark energy. Likewise, the least-time principle explains the gravitational lensing without the involvement of additional ingredients such as dark matter. Moreover, time delays along curved geodesics relative to straight paths are obtained from the ratio of the local to global energy density. According to the principle of least action the Universe is expanding uniformly due to the irrevocable least-time consumption of diverse forms of bound energy to the lowest form of energy, i.e. the free electromagnetic radiation.
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    In order to actually have a theory about this, you're going to need a lot more evidence, math, models to support what you're saying.
    "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -Calvin
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