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    Ideas for a new govermental system of democracy and not capitalism.The idea is of a totally new goverment.The one we have is out of date and ruined by new technology.I think prosperity is great enless it pushes my way of life.The constitution is old and cannot be regaurded to makeing new laws causing alot of problems as to where laws that we need cannot be past or laws we dont need can so to say.We can start by making a solid foundation voted by the people for the people.I think it should render C.E.O's to make no more than president of the U.S. Corperation's should hit a limit of net worth then be oversited by the goverment and not people of a board.Control and freedom should run hand in hand.The goverment should take more insight on warefare also.I think it should be split into 2 controlled capitals one in California and one in DC.The private sector should not have controlle on food production, healthcare.The private sector is too greedy.Cost of Living should be adjusted quarterly and not yearly.We should break all ties with China and work with the population we have here.The goverment should oversee the states into two zones rite down the central part of the U.S.Medical should be free with net cost being wayed out by corperation's exceeding yearly billion dollar earnings yearly.Education should also be free which costs would also be weighed through corperations making billion yearly earnings.I have many more ideas.The freedom is still there just without the goverment getting rapped and us having to pay for it.

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