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Thread: Black Holes, Galaxies, Galactic Planes, Positive and Negative Temperatures, & Ice Ages.. Oh My

  1. #1 Black Holes, Galaxies, Galactic Planes, Positive and Negative Temperatures, & Ice Ages.. Oh My 
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    without a way for me to show you the graphs i drew up. (no scanner) here an attempt to explain what im thinking. Ok With Black Holes in the Center of all Galaxies. Could the Galactic Planes of the galaxies be changed to a Positive and Negative charge from the Friction being caused from the Black Hole. And if the Black Hole was able to make a Positive and Negative force above and below the Plane could that Positive and Negative charge effect be controlling the positive and Negative charges of the solar systems like ours in the Galaxy? Now as we take our 260mil yr trip around the Galaxy could the gradual rotation our system does with the Local galaxies take our system above and below the galactic plane which would change the Positive Negative forces driving the solar system. Could a Positive negative force contribute to the 2-3k yr spans between ice ages as the galaxy drops above and below the Galactic Plane. And depending on the Local galaxy spin controls the 2-3k yr dip. Just wondering please give examples or good explainations why it cant if so..

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    Galactic planes do not have a charge.
    The solar system does not have a charge.
    So the whole idea is DOA.

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