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Thread: Hypothesis Describing the Nature of Unobserved Spacetime

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    I don't want to become one of those people to blurt out ridiculous theories that could never happen, but I have been putting a lot of thought into this lately. I don't expect you to agree with my hypothesis, and I don't even think that it has any potential, otherwise, I wouldn't be posting it on a forum. However, I would like feedback. Through this, I hope to get a better understanding of science. Anyways, here it is:

    This hypothesis predicts:

    1. What state an object is in during superposition
    2. Why there are dimensions
    3. That dimensions are probabilistic
    4. Why we donít see higher dimensions
    5. An extension to general relativity

    1. In an unobserved state, spacetime itself is dimensionless. When an object is in superposition, its location is unknown because it is in dimensionless spacetime. We interpret this lack of dimensions by saying that the object is in all possible positions. Dimensions are not defined until an observer measures the system.

    2. The dimensions form because the objectís doppelgangers must go down a separate fifth dimensional timeline that is parallel to our own. However, in order for this line to be generated, the dimension itself must first be generated.

    3. The object itself also does not have dimensions while it is in superposition. So when a quantum system is observed, there is a small probability that the object will be a slightly different size. This leads to the conclusion the dimensions of spacetime are probabilistic, and that there is a slight chance that the area of a region could slightly fluctuate.

    4. We donít see higher dimensions because there is a high probability that we will observe third dimensional space.

    5. So, when an observer measures a particle, dimensions form. The dimensions are there simply there because the observer is. The particle being measured also changes the dimensions simply by existing. We call this gravity.

    I thought I should also mention that this is not an addition to M-theory, but its own separate hypothesis.

    Any thoughts?

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