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    After years of research, I've developed a research proposal for an idea that I believe holds merit. However, being a junior in high school, I'm finding it difficult to reach someone in my area who would be willing support my research. Quite honestly, I'm not even sure where to look. I have no connections to any universities and the emails I send are never returned. My proposal contains a step by step experimental approach. I'm reaching out to the forum community to see if I can get any advice on where to search for someone who might be willing to read my proposal and help me carry out my studies. I have investigated many different fields of science such as biochemistry, oncology, genetics, and thermodynamics. All of those fields, I have been directed to by school teachers suggesting I wait until post-graduate school in any one of those schools to finish my proposal. Despite my lack of interest in majoring in the natural sciences in college, I would prefer to begin my research sooner. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    What does it have to do with? What is your hypothesis? What experiments would you conduct? Without some basic information, we can give no advice.

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    Hypothesis: If a DNA polymerase subsidizer attached to a biological aptamer is targeted through SELEX to genetic material, then the body will be able to replenish it's pool of DNA Polymerase in order to avoid strand breaks and mismatched base pairs that cause genetic abnormalities.

    The theory is based on the idea that malignant cells are caused through genetic disruption and destruction in DNA Polymerase, the leading enzyme in genetic reparation. Through the use of a biological aptamer and Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment, a molecule can be designed to bind specifically to any other molecule and bypass the human immune system carrying any other molecules with it. The other part of the theory is that by attaching the aptamer to DNA polymerase equipped with extra materials, the body will be able to replenish it's genetic code with a healthier enzyme.

    The experiment consists of determining the chemical composition of the families DNA polymerase, and creating an aptamer that would bind to it, applying methods that have already succeeded.

    I really hope that helps! And thank you for the quick reply.
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