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Thread: Beginning of the universe theory

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    I was watching a science channel program today thats subject' was about Steven Hawking and his work figuring out black holes. I have watched the show before, but it seems this time I had a thought that seemed to explain just about every problem they seemed to have an issue with. I am not a scientist or a mathematician, so someone else will have to prove my theory. For many years, we have been taught in science class that the universe began with a big bang... but I had a problem wrapping my brain around so much matter being in one place at one time. And then, how does all of that matter disperse so evenly throughout the universe?

    In this program, it is explained that there are thousands of millions of black holes throughout the universe of all different sizes... many of them at the center of each galaxy. One of the problems posed with the black hole was the problem of lost information and what I believe is an absurd theory of the information being imprinted on the event horizon. The theory is that anything approaching a black hole would be torn apart so a person would be killed, but a person should be able to go through alive because of the way time is affected on the other side of the event horizon. It seemed contradictory and theories were devised to explain this contradiction. Steven Hawking disputed his original theory of lost information, but then came up with another theory of parallel universes; some with black holes and some without. It seems he is reaching to try to make his math work.

    Because the universe seems to be expanding uniformly from a single point, my theory is that our universe is originated from the "waste" of a black hole in some other universe, galaxy, or whatever. We can not see out of this black hole because light cannot escape from it. Much matter, energy, and time passes over the event horizon. What else is necessary to start a universe? The rate the matter enters the black hole explains the size and distance between the galaxies in our universe. We have no idea what shape or form our parent universe was but it gave us the building blocks (atoms) to form our own. I would guess that it would be just like ours because of the consistency on this side of the black hole, galaxy to galaxy. As far as lost information, because we exist, the lost information from the parent universe that came through the black hole still exists as well. Our universe, or each individual galaxy recycles our matter and forms new universes on the other side of their black holes. Many theories talk about multi-verses... which I had always thought of as non-sense, but now it seems entirely plausible with my theory. I don't believe any are related to any other, meaning, I don't believe that their are multiple me and you running around, but I can see that there may be many other universes.

    To sum up, my theory could explain the expanding universe (matter being flushed through the hole), it explains lost information and verifies that matter can neither be created or destroyed, it explains away a big bang theory that nobody seems to believe anymore anyway, it explains why our universe seems to originate from a single point, and who knows, it may answer many more questions.

    If this makes anyone famous, don't forget where you heard it first!

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    For DavidG. Welcome to Science Forum. So, in brief, what you are saying that the deconstruction and reconstruction of Universal Mass is similar to water going down a plug hole, emptying out through the sieve and reforming itself on the other side? westwind.

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    my theory could explain the expanding universe (matter being flushed through the hole),
    If we were inside a black hole, everything, including ourselves, would rush towards the singularity, and not expand outwards. This doesn't make sense at all.

    it explains lost information
    The information paradox is naturally resolved by considering that the point singularity predicted by GR will never actually arise once quantum effects are taken into account, and also because all black holes evaporate over time via Hawking radiation.

    matter can neither be created or destroyed
    Of course not. Matter is just a form of energy.

    it explains why our universe seems to originate from a single point,
    If you mean a center point, than no. The universe does not have a center.

    it may answer many more questions.
    I hate to disappoint you, but no. It doesn't.
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    To Westwind: Yes... basically. However, what reforms on the other side would not be water, would not be hydrogen and oxygen, but would be atoms that will form whatever they will according to the conditions and reactivity of the atoms themselves. I don't know if having a universe behind the black hole would account for the gravity of the black hole itself. That would have to be explained by smarter people than myself. Thanks for the welcome and the reply.
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    To Markus Hanke: Thanks for the read and the reply. I thought I might have been on to something there. I guess I will leave it to smarter people than myself.
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