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Thread: "Criminals did it" Theory of 911

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    In 911 discussions, I note that most debaters are divided between the two options of 1) - Al Qaeda, and 2) - "The Government" with a few scattered groups suggesting Mossad or some kind of corporate insiders working for defense contracting interests in the mix.

    I think another possibility is that it was carried out by ordinary criminals. The only target was building 7. Everything else was just collateral damage intended to sell the "terrorists did it" story. (If they only hit building 7, it would be pretty hard to believe Osama was behind everything)

    Wiki has this to say about building 7.

    7 World Trade Center housed SEC files relating to numerous Wall Street investigations, as well as other federal investigative files. All the files for approximately 3,000 to 4,000 SEC cases were destroyed. Although some were backed up elsewhere, others were not, especially those classified as confidential.[47] Files relating to Citigroup's connection to the WorldCom scandal were lost.[48] The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimated over 10,000 cases were affected.[49] Investigative files in the Secret Service's largest field office, with more than 200 employees, were also lost in the collapse of WTC 7. One Secret Service agent said, ďAll the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building.
    7 World Trade Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn other words, hundreds or maybe even thousands of SEC and Secret Service cases became unwinnable in a single day.

    All throughout the third world, be it South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, or Asia, there are criminals who have committed massacres against their own people in order to amass a few bucks and tuck it away in some Cayman Islands account somewhere or something. If the SEC were getting close to getting that stash, I doubt most of those people would think twice about killing 3,000 Americans to preserve it. If there's anything organized crime values, it is money.

    So, the basic outline is this:

    - A group of organized criminals had a few government agents on the inside. (Police corruption is nothing new, even at the Federal level, so..... no surprise here.)

    - An agent or agents in the relevant agency was able to procure a list of known terrorists, including some that were taking flying lessons for some mysterious reason.

    - An effort was made to induce these men to board the appropriate flights. Maybe offering to sell them bombs or something.

    - An insider with access set up explosives in key locations in WTC 7, to take out the building. Perhaps also setting some up in WTC 1 & 2, just to make sure they fell.

    - A technical expert with questionable morals was hired to figure out a way to rig 767's to fly by remote control.

    - Armed thugs took over some airplanes, rigged 3 of them to fly by remote control, killed the passengers, and jumped to safety with parachutes.

    - Armed thugs took over a fourth plane, but didn't rig it to fly by remote control. Instead they just stayed in the air for a while so the passengers could call home and stuff, then jumped out of the plane before letting it crash. (By far the largest number of cell phone calls originated on this flight, compared to the other 3).

    However.... .there was a hitch. When WTC 1 & 2 fell, they didn't end up doing very much damage to building 7 as had been hoped. So the perpetrators had to improvise a little bit. Fire was set to some floors, and after a fairly discreet amount of time they just went ahead and set off their bombs. The public bought it anyway. 3,000 people were dead, and nobody wanted to besmirch their memory by questioning the official story of terrorists ignobly slaughtering American civilians. Besides attacking Afghanistan brought us a small measure of consolation.

    The various corporations that make up the military industrial complex smelled money right away, and quickly persuaded officials to get rid of the wreckage of the buildings, as well as mobilizing media resources behind the official story of 19 terrorists. Probably they didn't honestly care who did it, and just wanted to make sure their war didn't get cancelled by way of new evidence emerging to conflict with the current narrative. Carpe Diem, you know? The Bush administration saw the opportunity to strike at Sadaam, a long time Bush family objective, and certainly important to their Saudi friends, so they jumped onboard right away.

    The predictable forces of American greed enabled our criminal enemies to sink right back into the shadows. Their court case dismissed for lack of evidence, and probably safer than ever from prosecution. Because after all, who in Washington wants these guys coming up on the public radar now? Nobody.

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    Yea, but how did these "criminals" get NORAD to sit on their thumbs and do nothing while four hijacked airliners were off designated flight plan for a buttload of time in American air space?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantEvil View Post
    Yea, but how did these "criminals" get NORAD to sit on their thumbs and do nothing while four hijacked airliners were off designated flight plan for a buttload of time in American air space?
    2 possibilities:

    1) - They had Donald Rumsfeld working for them. (He's their "dirty cop" in all this.) As Secretary of Defense, he could have stalled it.

    CJCSI 3610.01, dated July 31, 1997, required that all requests for assistance in hijackings be approved by the Secretary of Defense. An update to that order, CJCSI 3610.01, dated June 1, 2001, had an exception for emergencies that would seem to give commanders in the field autonomy in ordering intercepts. However, that exception did not cover requests for "potentially lethal assistance", the kind required to respond to the attack:
    9-11 Review: The 'Stand-Down Order'

    2) - There just wasn't enough time.

    Flight 11 was hijacked at approximately 8:14, and crashed at 8:46, leaving 32 minutes - but nobody knew it was a suicide thing yet.

    Flight 175 was hijacked between 8:42 and 8:46, and crashed at 9:03, leaving 17-21 minutes
    Flight 77 was hijacked between 8:51 and 8:54, and crashed at 9:38 leaving 44-47 minutes

    Flight 93 was hijacked at 9:28 and crashed at 10:03, 35 minutes later.

    If there was a stand down issue, it would be flight 77. The hijacking had taken place after the first crash, and 36 minutes of the flight were after the second crash too, so there was good reason for defense forces to take notice. For all we know, maybe flight 93 was intercepted.
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    Imho reading Operation Northwood (p14-15 if i remember) by the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1962 is essential to better understand how a small group of insiders can pull off a false flag operation that is designed and intended from the start to fool the government, military, media and public.Imo the most likely scenario envolves a small group of zionist insiders with subcontracting of mossad for NY and pentagon was most probably military insider a la Operation NorthwoodOf course the insiders envolved are criminals and traitors, but they got away with it(dont forget the military grade US Anthrax sent to media and politicians trying to point to arab terrorist which is the mo of mossad and was probably arranged with insider military criminal elements)
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    I'm wondering though: if the purpose of 9/11 was just a false flag, then why take down building 7? That building was totally unnecessary to the psychological effect.

    My thinking is it's a botched job. Like, they were expecting the WTC 1 & 2 to fall in a way that did a lot more damage to the surrounding area so it would be more believable when they blew it up, and when that didn't happen they had to resort to simply setting fire to the building and then waiting long enough to blame the collapse on that.

    It's very telling that, with hours of time between the start of the fires and the collapse of the building, nobody thought to send agents to the relevant floors to recover the hard drives from the servers? They'd be risking their lives, but that's what agents do when they're trying to catch criminals. It would seem to be a justified risk. Maybe they didn't want those files recovered?
    Some clocks are only right twice a day, but they are still right when they are right.
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    Many files were lost? Perhaps
    Quote Originally Posted by kojax View Post
    The predictable forces of American greed
    found opportunity to "lose" files in the chaos. I mean individuals seizing the - perfect ! - excuse when they realized an interest in having certain info destroyed. I mean after 9/11 of course.

    "Teacher, the 9/11 ate my homework."
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    The SEC has been destroying files of investigations for years now, without any foolish Mission Impossible screwing around.

    If I needed a few computer files erased from a government computer controlled by an agency as corrupted as the SEC, and some guy came to me with 9/11 as his plan, I would assume he was elaborately joking. Why?
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