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Thread: VOICE A CHALLENGE TO GR! Help Clear Up Those Mysteries!

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    With GR :Yesterday's speed of light is less than today's. Today's is less than tomorrow's. The value of space-time is co variant with the 4-D moment it occcurs in.

    Without GR:
    "The comparative smallness of what we know today as gravitational effects is not a conclusive reason for ignoring the General Principle of relativity (the principle of the equivalence of inert and heavy mass values) in theoretical investigations of a fundamental character. In other words I do not believe it justifiable to ask: ‘What would physics look like without gravitation?" - Albert Einstein, IDEAS & OPINIONS, pp. 352-3

    The narrative record adds here that the status quo in physics today is - what physics looks like without General Relativity and its integral (*Life Science Library declared ‘non-human’) 4 dimensional space-time continuum.

    The ever popular, increasingly daring trend to write Einstein’s General Relativity (including the ingredient of the 4-D space-time continuum) ‘out of physics’: continues:

    "Voice a challenge to General Relativity: help clear up these mysteries". - Misner, Thorne & Wheeler, GRAVITATION, Preface, p. 10
    "Forego talk of acceleration! That, paradoxically, is the lesson of the circumstance that ‘all objects fall with the same acceleration.’ Whose fault were those accelerations after all? They came from allowing a ground based observer into the act. The push of the ground under his feet was driving him away from a natural world line. Through that flaw in in his arrangements, he became responsible for all those accelerations." - Misner, Thorne, Wheeler, p. 13

    On page 16, the same tri-co-authored ‘masterpiece’ (GRAVITATION) proclaims:

    "This is the way to do physics."

    This amateur physicist considers this is the way to raspberry the already razzle-dazzled observers: 'the fault is the allowance of ground based observers into the act: through the cited flaw in all the feet of the billions of observer’s arrangements, they became responsible for all those heel lifting, elevator emulating accelerations (paraphrased).'

    (This is clinical delusion & madness of crowds. And two is company, whereas in the case of Misner, Thorne & Wheeler, three is definitely a crowd... <Re: 2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 or more do'>? The rare consensus of agreement by the non-sequitur and the oxymoron, allied to resolve the '3-body problem'; refer misinterpretations, misunderstandings and malapplications of the non-metric-mathematics addressed <'Zero Gravity'> 'Lagrange points' - 'L-1 thru L-5', etceteras; refer Google with key words as above.> GRAVITATION, by Misner, Thorne & Wheeler, continued

    "Gravity is a great mystery. Drop a stone. See it fall. Hear it hit. No one understands why. What a misleading statement! Mystery about fall? What else should the stone do except fall? To fall is normal. The abnormality is an object standing in the way of the stone. If one wishes to pursue a ‘mystery’, do not follow the track of the falling stone. Look instead at the impact and ask what was the force that pushed the stone away from its natural ‘world line’.
    (*Its natural track through space-time, as the ‘curvature of the space time continuum’ is engaged: via the ever expanding surrounding environment; creating the illusion of a ‘falling’ stone; measuring its apparent motion rather than recognizing the 4-D expansion of the entire physical and spatial frame of reference. This is what is alluded to when Einstein speaks of 'the curvature of space-time'. - KBR)

    "That could lead to an interesting issue of solid state physics (*It certainly could - the issue doesn’t have a solid state to stand on....), but this is not the topic of concern here." (*The topic of concern is that there is no ‘solid state physics’.)

    "Fall is. Free fall is synonymous with weightlessness, absence of any force to drive the object away from its normal track through space-time." - Misner, Thorne & Wheeler, GRAVITATION, p. 13

    Who dares contest these iron clad - 'New Age' - pontifications?
    (Any questions?)

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