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Thread: Zero Space-Time Theory-Grand Unified Theory of the Universe

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    Zero Space-Time Theory-Grand Unified Theory of the Universe
    YAN Jinzhong
    Changsha Jiageer Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Pingtang Town, Changsha, Hunan 410208,P.R.China
    1.Zero dimensional philosophy: consciousness and substance are inseparable
    1.1Space and time are inseparable
    1.2Mass, motion, energy and information are inseparable
    1.3Th unity of structure and function
    1.4The unity of menís quality and behavior
    1.5Social pattern is the unity of national and social consciousness
    1.6Beauty is the unity of content and form
    1.7 The unity of human, nature and society
    1.8 The unity of autocracy and democracy
    2.Wholeness thought
    3.State and its description
    3.2The description of state
    4.Basic principle of zero space-time theory
    4.1Zero space theory
    4.2State space-time theory
    4.3Human body relativity
    4.4Superconducting theory of human body
    4.5Four seasonsí theory
    4.6Seed theory and spawn
    4.7First move and automatic organization of the universe
    4.8Breathe exercising of the universe
    5.Four great states of the universe
    5.1Four great states of space-time
    5.2Four great states of substance
    5.3 Four great states of celestial body and galaxy
    5.4Four great states of qigong
    5.5Four great stages of realization to nature
    5.6Four great states of economy and society
    6.Fundamental construction and the systems of the universe
    6.1 Fundamental construction of the universe
    6.2Person and animal are two-four seasonsí whole.
    6.3 Eco-system is four seasonsí whole
    6.4 The Solar System, galaxies and the earth are four seasonsí whole
    6.5Society is four seasonsí whole
    6.6Man-made things are a part of four seasons whole
    7.Dynamic system of the universe and grand unified theory of physics
    7.1Dynamic systems of the human body
    7.2Dynamic system of the Solar System and galaxy
    7.3Dynamic systems of society
    7.4 Grand unified theory of physics
    8.Unitary cosmology-four seasonsí cosmology
    8.1 Four seasonsí cosmology comes from present theories
    8.2The universe is four seasonsí whole or life body[1]
    8.3First move of the universe and automatic organizing whole
    8.4Universe systems and their classification
    8.5Four seasonsí reaction
    8.6Control of the universe
    8.7Seed and life force
    8.8Unity of the universe, creature and society
    8.9Four seasonsí evolution of the Solar System
    8.10Generation/Origin of organism
    8.11Organism, the Solar System and the earth synchronously evolve
    8.12Infinite universe and perpetual movement of four seasons
    8.13Four seasonsí movement and development of society
    9. Breathe exercising of the universe and raising of personís, societyís and galaxyís internal energy
    10.Unitary economy and sociology
    10.1Basic power of economic and social development
    10.2Effective requirement and effective supply
    10.3Four seasonsí attributes of menís consuming
    10.4Four seasonsí process of product
    10.5Four seasonsí movement of economy
    10.6Four great states of economy
    10.7Four great states of society
    11.The unity of human, nature and society

    [1] YAN,Jinzhong, Zero Space-Time Theory, QiGong and Science[J] (in Chinese), Vol.8(1999), 9-10
    [2] YAN Jinzhong, Wholeness Thought, QiGong and Science [J] (in Chinese), Vol.3(1999), 11-12
    [3]YAN Jinzhong, Zero Space Theory, QiGong and Science [J] (in Chinese), Vol.6(1989), 29
    [4]YAN Jinzhong, Scientific Principle of Qigong, QiGong and Science [J] (in Chinese), Vol.4(1998), 11-12
    [5]YAN,Jinzhong, Mineral Processing-Past, present and future, Metallic Ore Dressing Abroad [J] (in Chinese), Vol.7(1999), 20-23
    [6]YAN Jinzhong, ZHOU Lingchu, et al, Idea on the unity of Particuology, Proceedings of Symposium on Recent Development in Particuology-9th National Conference on Particle preparation and Treatment, Oct. 2009, 333-336.
    Finished articles:
    [7]YAN Jinzhong, Unity of Physics and Biology
    [8]YAN Jinzhong, State Space-Time
    [9]YAN Jinzhong, Four Seasonsí Cosmology
    [10]YAN Jinzhong, Thinking Movement and Automatic Organization of the universe
    [11]YAN Jinzhong, Introducton to Unity of physics and Biology Inorganic life Materials.
    Article on internet:
    [12]YAN Jinzhong, YANG Jun, New Science and Technology Revolution Starts
    Finished books
    [13].Zero Space-Time Theory,2003
    [14].The Analysis of The Systems in The Universe,2008
    [15].The principle of Light Speed Aircraft,2008

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    I assume that you will soon begin to flesh out this outline.

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    Disclaimer: I do not declare myself to be an expert on ANY subject. If I state something as fact that is obviously wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me. I welcome such corrections in an attempt to be as truthful and accurate as possible.

    "Gullibility kills" - Carl Sagan
    "All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we chose to distort it." - Harry Block
    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle
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    "Introduction to unity of physics and biology,inorganic life materials "and "State space-time and four states of universe "were published and can be found in google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tianman32 View Post
    "Introduction to unity of physics and biology,inorganic life materials "and "State space-time and four states of universe "were published and can be found in google.
    The first isn't: error message.
    The second... ridiculous, mind-numbingly wrong anti-science rant.

    And the company that published the paper?
    It’s also possible that this site is a total fraud. It’s a Chinese operation and every page on the site is slow to load. It could be set up mainly as a place for Chinese authors to get credit for foreign publications.
    I recommend that scholars do not conduct any business with this publisher including submitting articles, submitting on editorial boards or advertising. I would also be very skeptical of any article bearing the David Publishing imprint.
    (My emphasis - same link).

    ETA: not only wrong (as is evident from the "abstract") but also a repeat post: previously promoted here, here, here and... well, you get the picture.
    No support offered, no discussion, just the "abstract".
    I suggest Trash.
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    Look at this guy's posting history - he always just posts bullet-point style crank stuff, and then never replies to any of the questions raised.
    He's just a spammer and troll trying to promote his "articles", and should be treated as such. There is no place for this nonsense on science forums.

    I suggest that, after having done this a dozen or so times on this forum alone, a ban is in order.
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    Journal of Physical Science and Application 3 (1) (2013) 58-64
    Introduction to Unity of Physics and Biology, Inorganic
    Life Materials
    Jinzhong Yan
    Changsha Jiageer Machinary Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Pingtang Town, Changsha, Hunan Province 410208, China
    Received: November 18, 2012 / Accepted: December 29, 2012 / Published: January 15, 2013
    Abstract: The unity between physics and biology refers to that the inorganic systems: the Solar System, galaxies and artificial
    systems have the same structures and functions as the organisms. The development of science and technology is demonstrating the
    intense unification trends of physics and biology and a holistic science and technology era is about to start. The physics and biology
    unify on the basis of the four seasons’ law, which is the most important rule of the universe. Life is defined as the four seasons’
    whole with the structure and process of four seasons. The organism is basically structured into a dual four-season body by
    state-varying, state-stabilizing and control organizations. Animals, the Solar System and the earth are all the dual four-season bodies.
    In the unity between physics and biology, the inorganic life materials and inorganic life body can be manufactured artificially.
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    Journal of Physical Science and Application 3 (2) (2013) 125-133
    State Space-Time and Four States of Universe
    Jinzhong Yan
    Changsha Jiageer Machinary Manufacture Co., Ltd., Pingtang Town, Changsha City 410208, Hunan Province, China
    Received: January 14, 2013 / Accepted: February 06, 2013 / Published: February 15, 2013.
    Abstract: All things in the universe possess a state and characteristics of state, resultantly in presence of space-time, which is
    perceived by human beings. An outlook of space-time is shaped in human by perceiving the existence and change of objects. The
    state space is all state characteristics exhibited in objects whilst the state time refers to the duration of an object’s state. The time is a
    spatial property and not an independent dimension. The state space-time is a unity of internal and external space-time. The internal
    space-time is stemmed from the overall internal forces and internal energies and is a covert space-time. The external space-time
    refers to a space-time manifested by the external characteristics and movement of an object and is an overt space-time. In physics,
    there are four kinds of forces and four state space-times: bonding force and three-dimensional space-time; strong interaction of
    exchangeable π meson and two-dimensional space-time; quark confinement and one-dimensional space-time; and weak interaction
    and zero-dimensional space-time. The universe is constituted by dissimilar state space-times. Newton space-time is a
    three-dimensional state space-time; Einstein’s theory of relativity is a two-dimensional state space-time. Newton and Einstein were
    different observers. Temporal and spatial perception of human is dependent upon human’s internal energy and quality. Through
    Qigong exercises, the human is able to enter the three-dimensional, two-dimensional, one-dimensional and zero-dimensional
    space-times. The relativity theory of human body will solve the time problems at the interplanetary voyage of astronauts.
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    Journal of Physical Science and Application 3 (3) (2013) 199-208
    Automatic Organization, Thinking Motion and Dynamics
    of the Universe
    Jinzhong Yan
    Changsha Jiageer Machinary Manufacture Co., Ltd., Pingtang Town, Changsha City 410208, Hunan Province, China
    Received: March 01, 2013 / Accepted: March 14, 2013 / Published: March 15, 2013.
    Abstract: There are many automatic organization phenomena and automatic organization unities in the universe. The automatic
    organization whole refers to a life body with the thinking. The thinking is the core of automatic organization. The thinking is at
    eternal restless motion and binds to substances. The universe, organism and society are the automatic organization unities or life
    systems with the thinking. The thinking can perceive, attract, drive, organize and control all individuals and it is a force of life
    structure or universal gravitation and universal repulsion. The thinking has a life structure, a template and dynamic of entity-life’s
    automatic organization. Life body has five dynamic systems: the thinking motion and information flow, breathing motion,
    closed-loop current (particle flow) and energy flow, interaction among state-varying, state-stabilizing and control organizations and
    active & automatic chemical-physical reactions, cardiac pulsation and active motion and transportation. Human, galaxies and society
    can change from low to high energy state initiatively. This is realized by controlling the desires of life entity via the thinking and
    breathing motions and by altering the body’s binding forces dominating the life entity (in turn, by bond force, strong interaction and
    quark confinement). All forces in the universe present in the universe of life: force of the thinking-universal gravitation and universal
    repulsion, electromagnetic interaction, bond force, strong interaction, quark confinement and weak interaction. Under the automatic
    organization of the thinking, these forces bind into a 4-season’ whole. The united state of these forces is controlled by the thinking
    and breathing motion, which is capable of changing from 3-, 2- and 1-dimensional states to a 0-dimensional state.
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    Why is this crap permitted to continue ? This is just spamming, plain and simple.
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