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    Some people believe in Allah, some in God, some in Karma, some in Buddah and some believe that they when they pass away, they will receive their weight in coconuts with them on their way to paradise. Taking this into account, I’m going to give it a go as well…

    Imagine two kids on a seesaw. One of them is fat and the other is not. We can tell what’s going to happen next; One kid goes up, fatty goes down. Not a big surprise here, we could’ve calculated this by using the formula M = F x r blabla. In my theory the part ‘we can calculate this’ is the key. Because when I calculate something correctly, we know the outcome and we know what is going to happen next.
    When I switch on a light switch an electric signal will be send through the system and by using the amount of amperes, voltages and resistances we can calculate what’s going to happen. We know what we’ll be going to see: the light will shine. We can even calculate with what power and light strength. Again, ‘we can calculate this’ is the only thing to remember. Nothing new here.
    At an astronomical level we’re calculating star- and planet movement since mankind. We calculate when the sun comes up and goes down, what stars can be seen at night, what part of the moon we can see and hell we can even calculate at what time a piece of rock hits Jupiter and with what force. These calculations all predicted the future, since predicting the future is nothing more than telling what’s going to happen next.
    Calculating is predicting the future

    Calculating when the sun comes up is one thing, but predicting the weather is something else. But basically it’s nothing more than calculating. However to many factors are involved to precisely calculate this. An industrial area, producing heat in the air, can make air flow differently, same goes for cities, windmill parks, highways, scooters or your lighter. I know this is on the same scale as ‘could a fart cause a hurricane at the other side of the world’, yet this could be calculated by the means of scientific laws. Pressure will change due to a change of temperature and we can calculate this.
    To go a step further: when I pinch my finger with a needle, an electrical signal is send through my nerves, to the brain. The chemical reaction in the brain will make me react. We are nowadays aware of what part of the brain will react and somehow in what way. Humans can estimate this reaction, just like we do with medicines such as anti-depressives. Humans can estimate the result of drugs on human behavior. These results aren’t a coincidence, otherwise we wouldn’t use medicines. It seems like a quick conclusion to say that these results could be calculated by the means of physical- and chemical laws, but based on the fact that everything can be calculated on a level we do or don’t understand, I have no argument against why the brain should be any different.
    Having said the all above, I conclude that everything can be calculated. Just not by us. This means I’d like the refer to Albert Einstein speaking of the endless stupidity of the human race. In this theory the stupidity refers to the lack of knowledge of physics and the ability to identify all the factors involved in such a calculation.
    Everything can be calculated

    To go back to the two kids on the seesaw, I stated that we could predict the future by calculating the Moment calculated by multiplying F (force) and r (arm). These are two given factors. But what if the swingbar broke at a point, we should involve the strength of the material, weight distribution etc. A tornado could lift the fat kid up and we’re back at the weather prediction. This means that your lighter and my fart, combined or not, could create a tornado due to a countless other factors. Basically all existing factors are under influence of each other. Everything on earth has an influence on the weather, which influences everything else. Same goes for earth movements, water movements, reaction by living creatures, etc, etc. Everything is connected by at least air, water and earth. If everything is under influence of each other, you should take all existing factors into account when predicting the future by calculating.
    Everything is influenced by everything

    Every prediction needs all existing factors to get the exact future. This means that all formula’s are connected to each other (multiple times).
    Life is one big formula

    This formula is able to predict the future as it will going to happen. But if we yesterday wanted to predict what was going to happen today, it means that the formula was active yesterday, is active today and will be active tomorrow. It is a process. We are living the process and there is nothing anybody can do about it, since we are all being influenced by all factors and we influence all factors back. All decisions you make, are being influenced by all factors in the environment. Whatever you ‘decide’, it was destined to happen. And this is very hard to understand and accept, since we as human beings will never understand the formula. It is hard to accept that your feelings are all part of a process and as valuable to this process as a turd, but my theory can be understood if you accept human stupidity.

    The question remains, what's behind the '=' of the formula...

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    Everything can be calculated

    well, that's where you went wrong.

    "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

    - Arnaud Amalric
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