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    Created and Written by Khalid Masood

    TIME: Physics of the impossible.
    [At the heart of physical science is physics, and at the heart of physics is TIME.]

    TIME THEORY OF EVERYTHING is The Time Universe Theory!'
    I propose, only Time exists in the Universe: Time Creates Space, Life,
    Consciousness, and the Universe Itself.
    "Time tells matter how to create, matter tells time how to survive !"
    No particles, no waves, not both and no vibrating or dancing strings! Only
    "FLUCTUATING EXTREME LEVELS OF ENERGY" write Everything of the Universe,
    including our consciousness and also Theory of Everything!!!

    The only truth about the physical universe is that it is not physical. Life
    and matter of this universe, is nothing but a physical illusion.

    The smartest thing of the universe is universe itself. Universe is not only
    small and finite. Universe on the whole is smartest phenomenon of the
    Universe. On the whole universe is shapeless, massless and weightless. I CAN
    PICK IT UP !!!
    Einsteins second law, m = E/ c^2 i.e. m = E/ c2 [ How mass drives from
    pure Energy] raises the question whether mass can be understood more deeply
    as energy. And can we build, as Wheeler put it, "Mass Without Mass"? are the
    best predictions in favour of my "Time Theory of Everything."
    In my view the first question is How pure energy drives from time?. The
    universe is not what it used to be, nor what it appears to be, as Frank W
    ilczek of MIT quoted in first chapter Getting to it of his book titled "The
    Lightness of Being" [ mass, ether, and the unification of forces ] also
    supports my theory. Infinity is finity on the whole.
    There is nothing original under the physical phenomena. All physical
    properties of the universe are secondary in nature.There is a universe behind
    the physical universe which is dark and primary universe. If a Theory of
    Everything is Holy Grail of cosmology, Time Theory of Everything is Holy
    Grail of physics!
    Physicists are hunting for an elusive particle that would reveal the presence
    of a new kind of field that permeates all of reality. Finding that Higgs
    field will give us a more complete understanding about how the elusive
    universe works!
    I believe in bold imagination in research. I believe universe is not acadamic,

    and is not bound of our physical theories. Capture Higgs particle, eyes on a
    prize particle, the search for the Higgs boson [God Particle] and creation
    of micro black holes is nonsense idea.
    Higgs boson is not destiny! We have to rethink TIME and ETERNITY.
    Basic and primary stuff of the universe is not physical. All matter, energy
    and fundamental forces of nature are secondary and reffered by a unified
    primary force of nature. There is a co-ordination force in between God
    and all secondary forces of nature, which is more important than Higgs boson.
    I suggest this force is time. Time is invisible presence and the only basic
    building block of the universe and everything in it.

    Time is so central to the state of physics today, so crucial to our final

    understanding of the structure of matter, yet so elusive,

    that I have given it a nickname: 'The God Force'!

    Time is at the very heart of physical discovery from the nature of matter

    to the origin of the universe.

    It is also a fundamental driver of everything in the universe many of

    tomorrows discoveries and technologies will emerge from Time physics.

    [A union of forces and time]

    Time is mother of all fundamental forces.
    "Forces-time" in which time exists as fifth force with four fundamental
    Deep down, the particles and forces of the universe are a manifestation of
    TIME is a coordination force of the universe and multiverse referred by
    Nothing has independent existence except time. All three and extra dimensions
    of space are of times dimensions. Time is not a 4th dimension of space. Time
    is mother of all dimensions.
    Password of time is in the Mind of God!
    Tell me about the nature of time, I can create the Universe, a Macro Black
    Hole, Higgs boson and even Life!
    If all cosmologists of the world say a foolish thing it is still a foolish
    "God does not play particles game with the Universe!"
    Three of space and one of time that three space dimensions and one of time
    dimension is wrong idea. Time is included in three space dimensions, but not
    as a 4th dimension i.e all dimensions of space are dimensions of time.
    TIME IS NOT A MANUFACTURED QUANTITY. Time has independent existence and
    fundamental. Space is a manufactured quantity and secondary form of time. I
    believe in infinite extra spatial dimensions of time only, and I know what
    these dimensions are, but I dont believe time as extra dimension with space.
    I dont believe in extra dimensions of space, I believe in extra dimensions
    of time! Three dimensions of space and one dimension of time is absolutely
    wrong idea. Our physical universe exists in three or 11 dimensions of time!
    [as string theory proposed,10 of space and one of time dimension] There
    isnt just one dimension of time, says Itzhak Bars of the University of
    Southern California in Los Angeles.There are two. One whole dimension has
    until now gone entirely unnoticed by us. Two time / 2T Physics [New
    scientist 13 October 2007, Hypertime, Cover story] Why we need two dimensions
    of time? Why not we need 11 and many more dimensions of time?
    Higgs boson should be named TIME PARTICLE."


    The study of the theory that all fundamental particles and vibrating one-
    dimensional strings are fluctuations of zero-dimensional and unidimensional
    Extreme Levels Of Energy.

    I dont believe particles in any shape or dimensions as basic building blocks
    of matter, energy, and everything in the universe. I have an alternative
    Fluctuating Extreme Levels hypothesis which is a part of my Time Theory of
    Everything [Extreme Level Theory] Extreme Level Theory suggests that basic
    building blocks of everything in the universe are composed of Fluctuating
    Extreme Levels of energy. In Extreme Level Theory of time, Extreme Levels
    correspond to different entities and quantities. If Extreme Level Theory
    proves correct, photons, electrons and neutrinos are different due to changes
    in the fluctuations of extreme levels. Prior to Extreme Level Theory,
    subatomic particles were envisioned as tiny balls or points of energy.
    Extreme Level Theory works on the premise that the tiniest subatomic bits
    that make up the elements of atoms actually behave like Fluctuating Extreme
    Levels and not like vibrating or dancing strings! Higgs Field is a Times
    Field.. Photon is no more now a particle, a wave, or has features of both!
    Photon exist at fluctuating extreme level of energy.


    I believe in my 'physical' motto: "Time tells space how to create, space
    tells time how to expand and bend."
    Deep down, the particles and forces of the universe are a manifestation of
    Gravity is a manifestation of time-space.
    P.S: It's time-space and not space-time. TIME COMES FIRST.
    Our entire research focus must be on "How time interact with matter and
    energy?" and "Time, matter and energy, how they interact with each other?"
    Time can take the form of motion, light, electricity, radiation, GRAVITY.....
    just about anything honestly.
    Time theory of gravity is the best rival of General Theory of Relativity and
    Quantum Loop Gravity.

    TIME THEORY OF EVERYTHING will change the meaning of Matter, Energy,
    Natural Forces, Consciousness, Life & Extraterrestrial Life and Death.

    It's not time, it's matter which is disappearing from the universe.

    I am part of the universe, as my heart is part of me.

    Khalid Masood

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    WOW interesting.. I like the idea of time being eternal, kind what i was thinking earlier. Does time create space expantion? Or does space expantion creat the illusion of time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    WOW interesting.. I like the idea of time being eternal, kind what i was thinking earlier. Does time create space expantion? Or does space expantion creat the illusion of time?
    I would think that time is created by the expansion of space, as time can also be viewed as the amount of change that occurs.
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    This isnt a theory though.. its speculation.. an idea.. but not dimissable..
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