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Thread: Homemade tornado and tornado catcher

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    Right tornado catcher.

    Self-made tornado could "capture" real tornado that moves in the region.

    Read the topic home brewed tornado.

    "Build a high tower where appropriate intervals turbines / propellers / propeller to push the air up.

    Can I get my own time a tornado?

    vacuum where the air masses would start pushed from every direction.

    How high the tower would term?

    how powerful wings would push the air upwards?

    Could part of the energy is captured at the top BY THE windmills?

    Down to 360 degrees dozens of windmills in the surface of the faces of the electricity, etc.?"


    Especially if the tornadoes from the existing theories of incomplete or just wind / air movements due to the masses. Of course, movements of air masses affected by fluctuations in air temperatures and the sun, etc.

    But even if a tornado should OSP-time model of the Earth from the center of the future of energy, there is still the best built towers at intervals, which should air masses pushed toward the tower, might be able to capture the real tornado?

    Protruding from the center of Earth's energy will be directed to always be out of the area where it faces less resistance.

    Resistance is changing all the time, because the earth spins around its axis toward the Earth, and thus the energy comes from different directions in different ways.

    Where is the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and other planets are in relation to the movement of a tornado, and whether they have anything to do with the movement of tornadoes?

    But it's the main thing!

    Perhaps the center of the Earth would ushers in a home-grown energy tornado to always come out the same areas controlled? Or maybe a low pressure area moving tornado trap area so that it would settle there?

    Tornadoes cause a lot of damage, so perhaps this should testailla in areas where tornadoes occur.

    Areas are certainly larger and less frequent tornadoes are probably spinning in the same areas, but is it my own tornado manufacturing unit / tower quickly transferred to the territory of the region?

    Well, these are just thoughts, but anyway, its own low-pressure area might be one way to avoid big losses in areas where there are tornadoes?

    Idea of Expanding atoms!
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