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Thread: Pushing force only real force?

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    I dont believe, there is expanding space or curving space.

    You cant explain how space expanding or how space curving.

    I think all densers, like quarks, neutrinos and photons expanding all a time.

    I can explain why and how.

    There is very small and very fast moving densers. Lot of smaller what photons and lot of faster than photons.

    Our atoms and our time born from eternal thing who already moving in space who is nothing.

    Thats why our time is extremely slow.

    Quarks, neutrinos, photons and densers in visible Universe get more and more eternal thing from this backround particle who is lot of smaller and faster than photons, because when "they" moving inside expanding densers, this expanding densers absorbs eternal thing from this very small backround particle.


    I have some youtube videos.

    Google: Etimespace youtube



    Idea of Expanding atoms!
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