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Thread: What is our consciousness??? Really

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    I always thought that it was ovious hat how consciuosness is. after i talked with multipule people, i got to thinking, what is our consciousness.

    i heard so many different theories. some as simple as the mental aspect of our peronalities, or even just our thoughts-all the way to some really crazy ideas like, well it is sort of hard to explain, but there was this one that was interesting, but you will need a really open mind.

    basically, it goes with the idea that there are dupliciutes, if you like, of your self. each one exists in another world or dimension, whatever you want to call it. anyway, they are all habvaing a concious each, which are joined by some higher conciuos, as it were. any way, i am not entirly sure, but i looked it up, and i was thinking that you guys could post what consiousness is to you, or what you think about some of the ones i have written about.
    Try to keep an open mind, and no flaming if you think someones idea is to radical.
    remember that this is a thread where, although you may share your disagreements, every one is welcome to post what ideas they have, even if they have no evidence, proof, or belief in them. good luck!

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    Why does consciousness require being in "another world or dimension?" The far more obvious explanation that some part of our brain is separate enough (either physically or by other biological means) to observe and sense other parts of the brain and body while for most of us having a good enough filter from all the other crap necessary to keep our bodies running and exercise some control over our emotions.

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    You make your own answer, Lewis W. Pratt IV, I think it is not objective.
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    awareness of awareness results in an infinite feedback that creates a paradox.
    the result is the illusion of freewill.

    awareness is knowing 'what' you are doing.

    computers know 'how' to do things but dont know 'what' they are doing.

    to know 'what' you are doing you need logic programming like prolog.
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    Yes, i know what your ll saying. i am not saying any of what i said above was true or false. just that it was different theories i have heard of. i am only curious on what your opinions are.
    Grandpa, i did not say that your conciousness was not in your head-or in another dimension. i had heard that oe, which i thought was interesting so i posted it. thats all.
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    quantifying consciousness isnt a fairly doable idea.
    according to my theory its a completely passive infinite observer. Simply a self awareness on an infinite scale.
    The human body is just an organic computer self assembled via the the influence of the passive observer.
    It computes functions and self awareness.
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    Well, physically speaking people are elaborate arangements of matter being dictated by forces, so the real simple answer is (and I've always thought this was obvious!) that consciousness is the interaction of matter with physical forces--and physical forces are determined by the behaivor of matter! It is my own personal theory that consciousness is a fundamental characteristic of the universe, though it can be manifested as very complex as with us humans or very simple as with your average, everyday garden rock, etc.
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