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Thread: Full historical circle of war - the reverse domino theory.

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    History notes in only the most generally obscure terms, when history notes at all, that one of the major influential causes of the increased development of sea-going ships and chronography (establishing longitudinal minutes with and for navigational accuracy), and the exploratory ambition of Western European Navys, was not only Rennaissance inspired interest in trading with the East, but also the confidence that if in fact the dreaded Mongol cavalry should actually return and besiege what remained of unconquered Western Europe, at least some constituents could find refuge in ships...

    Transporting them ever more Westwardly, through the Straits of Gibraltar, into and across the Mystified Atlantic ('Here be dragons'), to finally discover and settle far away what came to be known as the continental North and South Americas; beyond the land-locked Mongol cavalry parameters.
    The only wonder here is, why is this scenario 'unfamiliar'?

    Anyone who doubts this course of events must witness the following proclamations, their author, and the remarkably recent era of these worrisomely modern, anciently familiar words. Behold, Edward - DECLINE AND FALL - Gibbon whistling (gamely?) through the European graveyard:

    "If a savage conqueror should issue (again) from the deserts of Tartary (*the East), he must repeatedly vanquish the robust peasants of Russia, the numerous armies of Germany, the gallant nobles of France, and the interpid freemen of Britain, who, perhaps, might confederate for their common defense...
    "Should the victorious Barbarians carry slavery and desolation as far as the Atlantic Ocean, ten thousand vessels would transport beyond their pursuit, the remains of civilized society, and Europe would revive and flourish in the American world which is already filled with her colonies and institutions." - Edward Gibbon, DECLINE & FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE, 1787 AD

    Six hundred years after the fact of most of Eastern Europe being conquered by force (1238 - 1241 AD) from the East... one of the greatest historians of all time, is seriously worried that it might happen again, making vain rationalizations about proposed European alliances, that would stop it, and thousands of walled cities and towns and armies that would stop it, and allowing that if all of that should fail, Europe can always flee by tens of thousands of ships to the New World of the American Colonies. (Be still my foolish heart?)

    H.G.Well's OUTLINE OF HISTORY reminds us that Gibbon has forgotten that all of the means - including gunpowder - that Gibbon has invoked to prevent it from happening again (to Western Europe on the Mediterranean coast), were brought to Edward Gibbon's Europe by the Mongol Barbarians who conquered it (and EuroAsian continent) in the first place. In those (amazing) words.

    The Dewey Educational system doesn't teach this history.

    Note: the settlement of the North American Colonies was not only motivated by a proletariat European need to 'escape religious persecution and the unjust feudal system', and, 'for the acquirement of private ownershipped land for the poor people', but also, by what was at that time a widespread apprehension that the Mongol empire would rise and fall upon Europe, once again.

    The entire EuroAsian Continent was chronically overrun by tribes and nations of horsepeople, for millennia, thousands of years later appearing as Chinese Mongols, conquering all of EuroAsia from the east, in a generally westward direction.

    Dr. 'Have you ever had this before?'
    Patient. 'Yes. I have'.
    Dr. 'Well. You've got it again'.

    The entire North American continent including its native inhabitants was overrun by invading Europeans who were fleeing the (suspended) Mongol threat of re-entry into what was left of Western Europe. The colonializing pilgrims also conquering from the east in a generally westward direction - across the North American continent, to its westernmost coast.

    Then, in 1965, the North American conquerors moving across the Pacific in an even more westward migration, to Southeast Asia (Vietnam). Thereby completing the full circle of consequential warfare. The North Americans invading Asia by way of the same Pacific route the 'domino theory' said the United States would be invaded by: the pacific atolls, micronesia, island hopping the Phillipines, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.
    Thereby fullfilling the full circle of consequential warfare, initiated by Genghis Khan some 900 years earlier: the invasian of Asia by the United States. A foreign sound to the Occidental ear. The Reverse Domino Theory. The Domino Theory, backwards. Yes. The invasion of Asia by the United States. On all-network TV for ten years and nobody's ever heard of it ('What?") Now: THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT.

    (Refer George Orwell's 1984).

    Condensed from NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR: A Brief History of the EuroAsian Horsepeople

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