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Thread: TOTAL UNIFIED FIELD THEORY: No Space Empty of Field.

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    TOTAL UNIFIED FIELD THEORY: No Space Empty of Field
    The non-mathematical reinstatement of Einstein's presently abandoned Unified Field (Steady State) theory.
    formerly entitled:
    The New Gravity, Gravity Is The 4th Dimension
    Copyright © 1959, '60, '66, '70, '79, '85, '99, 2005 & 2006
    by *K.B. Robertson

    (* The White Mongol, That Rascal Puff, etceteras. All rights reserved.)

    "It is evident that the popular conviction that a generalized field theory is unable to explain the problems of the discontinuous structure of matter and quantum mechanics rests upon prejudice." - Einstein, PHYSICS and REALITY

    “Everywhere, including the interior of ponderable bodies, the seat of the field is empty space. There is no space empty of field." - Albert Einstein, IDEAS & OPINIONS

    “The combination of the concept of continuous field with that of mass-points discontinuous from space appears inconsistent. A consistent (total) field theory requires continuity of all elements of the theory, not only in time but also in space, and in all points in space. Hence the material particle has no place as a fundamental concept in a field theory.” - Einstein, IDEAS & OPINIONS, p. 345

    “According to General Relativity, the concept of space detached from any physical content does not exist. The physical reality of space is represented by a field.” - Einstein, IDEAS & OPINIONS, p. 348

    “Since the General Theory of Relativity implies the manifestation of physical reality as a continous field, the concept of discontinuous particle cannot play a fundamental part, the ‘particle’ can only appear as a limited region of space in which the field strength and/or density of energy is particularly high.” - Einstein, IDEAS & OPINIONS, p. 348

    "The unsatisfactory part of the total field theory showed up externally by the necessity of assuming finite dimensions for the particles, in order to prevent the electromagnetic field existing at their (*unfound) surfaces from becoming infinitely large." - Einstein, OUT OF MY LATER YEARS, p. 77

    "What appears certain to me in the foundations of any consistent field theory , the particle concept must not appear in addition to the field concept. The whole theory must be based soley on partial differential equations and their *singularity (*discontinuous, static particle) free solutions." - Einstein, IDEAS and OPINIONS, p. 306

    This presentation is a revised and updated, condensed edition of: Gravity, Electricity & Magnetism are the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. The non-mathematical Reinstatement of Einstein's presently abandoned Unified Field (Steady State) Theory. The Big Bang Theory is Wrong.*Condensed from 1979 copyrighted 5th edition of 627 pages (*EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHYSICS 101: Gravity Is The 4th Dimension).

    The Big Bang Theory is wrong.
    'Entropic Heat Death' is a myth.
    Black Holes are 4 dimensionally contracting singularities.

    (More Powerful than Money, Politics, Sex, Violence and/or War)
    *Copyright © December 1999, 2002 & 2005, by K. B. Robertson
    (*Previous copyrights 1959, '60, '66, '70, '79 & '85.)

    Incidentally, there is no accomodation for dialogue at the above location that I know of, whereas, Readers have the option of referencing the above post - at the bottom of which, Part VII will access the Reader to the entire post, about which there is the option of entering dialogue on that subject, at this location.

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