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Thread: Hypothesis behind big bang that gives an exp. to dark energy

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    I am not sure where to post this thread. Sorry if it is the wrong place. If it is, please move it to the correct forum, thanks in advance


    For a couple of months ago I came up with a new hypothesis about how our universe was created, and made a video describing it. I am not talking about the big bang, but how the big bang was created. I have even found the answer to the question why our universe is accelerating using this hypothesis. I have also discovered if we live in a multiverse or not. But I just don't have the skills to investigate this hypothesis further, as I dont have any education in science or physics.

    The video is a 6 minute long video that describes my hypothesis broadly, which I hope you will take a look at and examinate. It must be said that the video is only the basics for the hypothesis. Since I made the video for a couple of months ago, I have thought more about what the odds are for the same amount of matter and antimatter to enter the holes at the exact same time. They are not that big. I have thought of an explanation to that problem that is writtin in the bottom of this post, and I'm still not sure that it is correct yet.
    The basics of my hypothesis is that our universe is wrapped around a connection between a black and white hole. Everything is not made in details yet as I dont have the right help and resources to develop my hypothesis right now. But I certainly think that I can find an answer, I might already have one, but I can't describe it by typing.
    It is also need to be said that I am only 18 years old and go in 10th grade.

    Here's a link for the video:

    I am writing this here and to some other scienctists, as I believe that you can explore this hypothesis further. Many people I've shown this video, can acutally see the sense in this hypothesis, which they can't with alot of others.

    Explanation to the matter/antimatter/dark energy problem:
    The gravity of a black hole is so strong, that not even light can escape. That's here my new thought has come. When matter or light surpasses the event horizon and enters into the antiuniverse, then time will go backwards because the gravity of the black hole is so strong, that time will distort that much, that everything will go back in time. That mean's that the antiuniverse is going back in time and our universe is going to the future. So when matter/light enters the black hole, then the matter won't go out on the other side, it will actually enter the white hole as antimatter. When they collide, the dark energy will be created.
    The antiuniverse is actually a trip back in time. So if we could enter the antiuniverse without us in antimatter entering the white hole, then we'd actually go back in time. So the antiuniverse is actually decreasing it size, unlike ours that is expanding.

    I really hope you will take a look and help me!
    Thanks for reading!

    Mark Railton

    Have a nice day!

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